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Thread: Help deaf people understand the game - transcribe HEX VODs for rewards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickon View Post
    Allright as promised you can find and download the synced subtitles for Sithos’ Archetype Drafting 29 March 2016
    Thanks for your hard work nickon. For the reward, he had a free pick and he picked Reese. To equalize value, he donated 2x Extinction to the pool. So his reward comes to a net value of 1600p for 2 hours of transcribed stream.

    Again, thank you for your work. Much appreciated!

    Moreover, I thank you for your dedication as well, hitchslap88 and Fred.

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    Just wanted to let you know, before these forums die, that I'm still at it for Jeff Hoogland. Passed the halfway mark, with 17000 words in 945 entries so far.

    I would suggest the Largashbur create a new thread with a summary of this one when the new forums kick in so we can continue posting progress.

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