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Thread: Introducing HEX BATTLEGROUNDS - A stream mini-game

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    Talking Introducing HEX BATTLEGROUNDS - A stream mini-game

    G'day Hexers,

    I'm proud to reveal a little mini-game that I've been designing to use with my streams that I'm calling HEX Battlegrounds (will likely open it up for others to use in the future, still very much a work in progress).

    Thanks to the help from dbug (creator of, we've got it to a state in which I think it is ready to be played. So, join me tomorrow (saturday) on the official channel ( to check it out, provide feedback and win some sexy prizes! The stream will start approx 4PM PST (keep eyes on my twitter as I may start earlier)

    I will go over the rules and all that jazz during the stream and will update this post with a video of the game in action. For now, here is a picture.



    Stream was a lot of fun you guys can check it out here:
    Skipping to 3 hours and 37 minutes in will allow you to see the game in action (was a few more games earlier in the stream too)

    edit: here is a youtube link too:

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