Just had my first play through with a Ardent force and honestly compared to how I felt playing Necrotic I felt evil (SPOILERS FOR CAMPAIGN)- so when you hit the castle fortress dead king is pretty brutal, remove the eyes so they don't come back, and there are rarely options to be kind. With the necrotic you can opt to spare human, often dialogue stretches out to make the human seem near insane in their with to kill. Whilst as a human your options seem more aggressive.

I love that the races are given complex politics that give that individuals choice but I cant help but speculate the Human have been duped into fighting the necrotic and the necrotic forced into siding with two actually evil parties to survive. Did the necrotic escape the evil that is manipulating the humans into fighting? Just felt there was a lot of tonal differences between the human and necrotic, this I really liked and congrats to the team for giving the same area of play with two very distinct feels.