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Thread: Any way to lower graphics? Getting a poor FPS

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    Any way to lower graphics? Getting a poor FPS

    Is there anyway to turn off the background animation or all the animations in general? My computer died and I'm resorting to playing on my laptop and it's playable but I get FPS dips which can be annoying. I feel like if I could just turn off all the scenic stuff it'd help a bunch. I notice I can't find any graphics setting within game I just wasn't sure if there was a way to do it outside the game. Any way to boost performance would be appreciated.

    Figured this was a tech issue, so hopefully I have the right forum.

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    I went in to the game files and deleted the gameboard assets and it runs SO much better now. It's a black background when I'm playing but I very much prefer this.

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    Hi, bumping this because after the recent patch even with the assets removed I'm getting like 1 FPS. Not sure what this patch changed but I would really like to play the game. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Just to check, are you sure Hex is using your graphics card? If you are on a system with both integrated graphics and a dedicated graphics card, by default Hex will use the integrated graphics and ignore the graphics card! You have to enter you graphics card's settings and force Hex to use it. I was blown away when I first discovered this!

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    Interesting, it's a laptop so I'm assuming it has integrated only. That being said I'd still like to look in to it. Can you link me to directions regarding this per chance? I did some quick browsing and couldn't find anything regarding that specifically.

    While I'm at it I'd also like to add that this laptop is brand new, just got it, and it surpasses the system requirements needed for the game.

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    I'm no expert, but I think you can check in "Device Manager." For me (Window 10) you right-click on "This PC" and choose properties, click on "Device Manager" and then look at "Display Adapters." This will list your graphics cards. If you only have 1 listed, that's all you have I'm afraid. If there are 2, you may have a separate graphics card to make use of

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    Yeah just the integrated. It's intel's HD graphics for laptop which, according to the Hex specs, should be just fine. 4 gigs of ram, 2.16ghz intel quad core. But for whatever reason I'm getting actual 0 fps moments and at max 12 fps.

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    I would check if you got the latest driver for your graphic card it might help you
    Also this game use a lot of ram so be careful what other program you run at the same time

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    Yeah drivers are all up to date. I'm wondering if it's just windows 10 being a memory hog because I have 4 gigs of ram but only 1.9 to spare after all the rest is being eaten up. Going to look in to what programs I can potentially kill to free space up. If this game was directly linux compatible without the need for WINE I'd just switch to that.

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    yeah windows 10 his tracking a lot of think by defaut, you might want to go in the setting then privacy and turn down background application and some tracking windows do. I'm not sure if it will help a lot but worth a try

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