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    [Suggestion] Make Scheduled Sealeds/Constructeds Start

    Was talking to my guild and the general consensus was that we miss larger tournaments with a reasonably sized buy in/prize support. We have these in client, scheduled sealed and constructed, but they never fire without the IQs going on. The primary difference is that there is no additional reward now to encourage people to wait for a 16+ man queue to fill up at a specific time. As soon as the queues fail to fire it becomes as a self-fulfilling prophecy that "The queues will never fire" and people stop wasting their time waiting.


    - Once a week (should probably be a weekday given the amount of existing weekend events) make all of the scheduled events have an alternate art common as a reward being paid out in similar numbers as the VIP AAs - 2-2 is one AA, 3-1 is one AA, 4-0 is two AAs.

    - Have the AA rotate on the same schedule as the VIP AAs (this could be played with to control the number entering the economy). This should give plenty of time for people to earn their playset while at the same time making them limited time/somewhat valuable.

    - There are a number of existing commons the community would likely love to have AAs of - Arcane Focus, Countermagic, Verdict of the Ancient Kings, Oracle Song, Time Ripple, Shardcall, Crackling Bolt, Mesmeric Hypnoscientist, Ridge Raider, Construct Foreman, Pride's Fall, Meek, Giant Corpse Fly, Howling Brave, Nature Reigns, Inquisition (that list alone is four years worth at the proposed rate)


    - Requires art assets that are already strained as far as we have been told.

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    Good riddance to the Scheduled queues, says I. Big events should be big events, like VIP and the Invitationals.

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