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Thread: [MoMCards / HEX Fr] Hex invitational Interviews

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    [MoMCards / HEX Fr] Hex invitational Interviews

    Hi everyone !

    This is Rollup !

    I'm a French caster From Team Momcards and Hex FR so sorry for my bad english.
    Maybe you know me from vidéo of the press tour before the release of the PVE campaign.

    I am making a series of interview with the players of the Hex Invitational.
    It is a friendly interview with questions from the french community.

    I hope you will enjoy this and maybe learn one or two things about your favorite players !

    Vazrael Interview

    Cyriius interview

    MasterMattch interview

    ValueCity interview

    Eaglov interview

    Sadolution interview

    Jadiimjedi interview

    Koma interview

    InfamousNEO interview
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    A german and a french guy meeting to talk in english
    I liked the interview as I'm also a big fan of Vazreals Azurecannon!
    you guys realy don't need to feel sorry for your "bad" english I absolutely could understand everything you said and written and my english isn't that good either^^

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    And now Valuecity !

    Valuecity Interview
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