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Thread: HEX is coming to Steam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdax View Post
    What i Wonder the most, is why was this hidden from everyone? I mean most companies are happy to say and they announce in advance that they will launch with steam. It could of even been on Cory's update last week. I see this as a last resort type of thing.
    Based on a few orange responses in recent threads I kind of got the idea Hex was headed for Steam; mostly Chark's replies here:
    and here:

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    This will be a complete disaster if the current new player experience doesn't change before the launch on Steam.

    The specifics were already covered by superdax and others. I'll just add that not having a ladder or some sort of basic/free PVP already in place for a flood of new players seems like a terrible idea. And no, "Play Random Opponent" isn't even close to sufficient. At least bring back the 100 gold for a win in that mode at the absolute least until something better is implemented.

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    Clarifying and presenting what HEX actually is as always comes down to the community. It has ever been such since closed beta. We can use the steam review and guides section to expand and explain HEX's business model (for the umpteenth time). Explain that the game is being developed piecemeal. Explain tournaments and vip and whatever other scattered information that's been around forever but is in 2 year old forum posts.

    At some point though, HEX needs to step up and centralize this information themselves and show how they plan to market it. We have yet to see any of this from them and here's hoping it's coming.

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    I, for one, think this is awesome news More players = yay!

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    I'm sure it'll be fine
    Quote Originally Posted by NOBLERooster
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kami View Post
    I agree with a chunk of this. However, while I thought about the Early Access issue above, I reconsidered the fact that HEX is free. There is no upfront cost to playing this game at all.

    That being said, it is paramount that the game is not misrepresented on the Steam store regardless.
    Many of the F2P games on steam are listed as 'Early Access' games, so I believe there is already a precedent set that F2P doesn't give a free pass on 'complete.'

    Our community has been rather forgiving about alpha/beta and errr, 'release'. Steam is notoriously NOT forgiving on that front. I fear HexEnt has projected our reluctant acceptance of the term onto the Steam community, which I think is a major mistake. Hope I'm wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fido_one View Post
    I've got a bad feeling about this and not that Hex is going to Steam, but how it is being presented on Steam.

    It's not an MMO yet, but it is listed as one.

    It's listed as a complete game. It's not. I know HexEnt says it is, but it isn't. Fine in the world it has been in, not fine, at all, in the Steam community. Towns anyone?

    Like most people here, I was on steam from day one. I have followed the review system rather intently (though haven't written any myself, Hex will be a first for me), and this listing seems ripe to be torn apart.

    I think all of this would be avoided if listed as an early access game. Do that, it meets the general steam community's expectations, don't do it and you're going to have thumbs down after thumbs down of 'the campaign is too short, there isn't enough content here, their site says raids are coming, but I don't see anything resembling that' etc. etc. This is what the Steam community does.

    I had thought if it goes to steam, it would be after all the things promised in the KS were delivered. We are far from that day. Early access games are a staple now, people expect that if core elements of the game are still coming, it is an early access game. If I was introduced to Hex via this listing, I would come out with a bad opinion of it.

    I don't think I would have that bad opinion if it was listed as Early Access, if anything, I would be more excited about upcoming features on an already super solid and fun base of play.
    I'm going to agree with this.
    Whilst the steam page listing doesn't mention stuff that isn't really there, new players would likely reach the end of the campaign and go "huh? What? That's over? What about the rest of my skill tree? There was no mention of a level cap and unfinished content!!" (= negative review).

    Early access would avoid this. People love honesty. Be up front about the incoming features and timeline.

    Also, mention things on the steam page to attract the hardcore card player scene that don't already know about hex.
    Say that it has a fully functional and amazing draft and sealed system for tournament play.
    Say that a ladder system is coming soon (because people will likely "WTF there's no ranked play?! Even HS had ranked in beta").
    Say that there is a thriving constructed meta. Entice those people tired of mtg and whom somehow don't know about hex.

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    I have been stalking these forums everyday for months now. But my god, I HAD to get a forum account just for this. I admit that Steam will most probably increase the income initially (In reality I have no idea on any aspects of the game economy). However getting 'mixed' or 'negative' reviews on steam usually kills the future of games. I believe concerns in this thread are not about the income aspect of things. However, they are about the future of the game. I believe most of us do like this game a lot. We dream for the days: Hex one day will be huge. However, this early movement on steam will cut out most of the 'future' player base. Hex always tried to move to the 'future'. This is the first time after months (hell,years) of following hex, I feel like hex is going for a 'quick money grab'.

    And please make it an 'Early Access' game. Hex is filled with promises and uncomplete features. In the name of Kismet please make it 'Early Access'.

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    +1 for an "Early Access" mark. So many features aren't in the game yet and so much polishing is needed still.

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    Hex needs to learn to under promise and over deliver. Claiming its an MMO and not initially putting it on steam as "Early Access" are the latest examples of this.

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