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Thread: HEX is coming to Steam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koz View Post
    If we can buy plat outside of Steam so that CZE get their full cut, then I'll definitely link my game. Will help with making the game more visible
    I don't see why this wouldn't be possible; we can currently access the website payment gateway after logging into Gameforge's Hex page by clicking ' top up on platinum '. If they don't take that away, I'm assuming I spend $$$ there and money goes into my Hex account regardless if it is attached to steam or not.

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    With Hex coming to Steam soon, is there hopes of having the Hex client run on SteamOS (and thus Linux)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    With Hex coming to Steam soon, is there hopes of having the Hex client run on SteamOS (and thus Linux)?
    Doubtful, as they have to get the client running in Linux for that to happen. HexEnt hasn't stated they are going to move to Linux, and porting to a tablet will probably take priority.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrawnOmega View Post
    I may shift payment over to through steam, TBH. Simply because my card is declined and I have to tell Wells Fargo the purchase is legit EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy plat. Easier payment means I'll spend more often, which on net makes more for Hex.

    You want to talk about new player experience killer? How many people would put up with multiple calls the the bank explaining a German transaction in the US. That's a huge buzzkill to a new player feeling motivated to make that first cash purchase.

    Maybe I'm an extreme fringe case, but I wanted to make the counter argument that using Valves store can be the better option for some people.
    I had the same problem. If you tell Wellsfargo you are traveling to Germany they will pre -authorize you for up to a year and it wont get declined anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by incitfulmonk21 View Post
    I had the same problem. If you tell Wellsfargo you are traveling to Germany they will pre -authorize you for up to a year and it wont get declined anymore.
    That's good to know. Silly to have to go to such measures though. I get my bank wanting to protect me from fraud, but I've told them at least 5x that Gameforge is legit - still gets flagged every time.

    This is the biggest new player experience killer, and it isn't even Hex's fault LOL. Steam will cut out this annoyance for a lot of players.

    I understand people's concerns about on boarding as-is. I'm going to be an optimist and hope we're not giving people enough credit that they will make the small effort needed to learn the UI and understand how things work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chark View Post
    We believe that it will increase our acquisition of players. We are happy with the percentage of players who currently monetize and want to increase the funnel of overall players.

    I want to talk about this.

    To me, it isn't increasing the overall funnel.

    It's like adding a new, giant funnel, hooked up to a sea of octane that has the chance to either take you to the next level, or blow up in your face and smash everyone to kingdom come.

    The current crop of players, whom you are basing your percentages on, have all largely come in due to some form of interest in TCG's. Hex is the best online TCG out there in terms of feature-richness and thus, the behaviour displayed by these people, paints a picture that might give you some level of comfort.

    Taking a an educated gamble is alright, but I fear you haven't applied the right lens to your analysis. This is the sort of stuff that has the potential to kill the game.

    You're now proposing to set our baby loose in the frigging jungle without standard protective gear.

    I'm sorry, but the analogy was trying to say that in my widely-shared opinion, the game is not yet polished enough in terms of UI or new player experience to survive the expectations of a large, fickle audience that have taken the phenomenon of group-think to levels that will fuel textbooks examining the evolution of human society, in years to come.

    1. Have you done any kind of vox pop exercise via a focus group specific to Steam to understand the perception of the game if it was released in its current state? This is Product Marketing 101 stuff, and if you have done it to help support the decision, at the very least tell us, if you can't share the results.

    2. Will there be a major patch that overhauls the UI/New Player experience to make it "Steam" ready before it goes live?

    3. Is the release on Steam time-critical to such an extent that it needs to be done asap?

    I have faith in the game, but it is just not ready to survive expectations of people who don't know anything about the genre or approach to becoming a successful long-term player in this unique model.

    I implore you to revisit these 2 elements before you release the game on Steam:

    1. Set the right expectations for people up front. One of the better suggested options from this thread is to use the video idea from Bootlace and add it to the in-game client so that people can watch it before they play.

    2. Improve the UI/New Player experience - Use a focus group specific to Steam, to get feedback and postpone the release if needed to incorporate it
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    Will it be made clear to new users (which will hopefully come in great numbers from Steam) that the character naming system in Hex is very different than it is in other games? If I remember correctly, it was stated numerous times during the Kickstarter that our names are "Keep names", i.e. the name of a place, and not the name of a person. That fact is also hinted at in the first screen where you create your account (or at least it was last saw someone create an account) and you are prompted with "Lord of ______".

    I feel like the distinction between keep name and character name is already very misunderstood within the existing community. If it's not explained to the masses, that will probably mess up the whole naming system once keeps are actually implemented.

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    hello, one question: how will we redeem the key for steam? in our account store?


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    Most important questions:

    Will there be Steam bundles?
    Will there be Steam launch sleeves?
    And where the hell is set 4?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickon View Post
    Again I want to emphasize that, as of now, there's no real reason for us existing players to move to Steam. Being able to launch and update the game from Steam is not a benefit you should move accounts for. Maybe there will be incentives to do so in the future, I don't know, but in the best interest of the game do not move your account to Steam to make sure CZE gets the max amount of your money.
    I will be linking immediately. There are plenty of benefits. Auto-updates. Easy installing/re-installing.

    There are benefits to HexEnt as well. When playing on Steam your friends can see it and go "what's that? *click view store page*". It's quick and easy advertising, much better than adding non-steam games. There's lists of number of users playing a specific game on steam. Having Hex be higher up on that list is good. More positive reviews is good. More sales through Steam means more likely to show up in people's discovery queue or on the front page.

    So sure, Steam takes a cut, but the amount of exposure from people playing on Steam is massive.

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