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Agreed that the price point has to be lower. Maybe something as simple as 100 plat entry, and it's either 3 wins or 3 losses and you're done. 3 Wins first gets you a pack and 3 losses gets you nothing? It's really just expanding length of play with the same entry + payouts as a heads up constructed tourney. 50% of entries would win, yea? Or just keep the same structure as heads up constructed, but add a pauper format.

Didn't really put too much thought into it but seems like it can work. New players can grind their way up if they have over a 50% winrate and provides some competitive constructed play for those on a budget with it being Pauper and all to begin with.
To start i would not change anything the structure of wins and losts because they would need to work on a different gautlet structure and again this takes time.

The fact that the cost to acquire the cards (common's can be acquired for gold quite easily) is already something in its own. Maybe a lower cost (but 100 plat would be too low ) but maybe in the 300 plat and give like 1 pack to 3 wins, 2 packs 4 wins and 3 packs 5 wins... somthing like that

but again, if it requires to much work, its better that they leave it and continue on ranking, but if its just like 1 - 2 days of work to arrange the payout, i would do it as it helps directs new players to a different experience with lower money investement.