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Thread: Arena - Kindling Skarn Draw and Hogarth's Free Mastery of Time

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    Arena - Kindling Skarn Draw and Hogarth's Free Mastery of Time

    I've encountered this bug a few times, but due to the randomness required it isn't possible to reproduce it on command.

    When you draw a shard for your draw and trigger Kindling Skarn with Kindling Gauntlets, while at the same time Hogarth gives your opponent a free turn, playing mastery of time for them, if you choose to draw the card from Kindling Skarn, the priority box of Mastery of Time will go away but the game will not proceed. The Mastery of Time card will be on the stack with no dialogue and no way to progress the game (next action button, go to end of round button etc.) Disconnecting from the game and reconnecting just puts you in the same spot. The only way to get out of the game is to concede.

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    This is still present in the recent patch and is actually a bigger problem now. All the previous issues apply, but you can no longer forfeit a game. Only way to resolve it now is to disconnect from the game long enough for auto concede to kick in.

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    Just had it happen again, this time with Hoggarth using soothing breeze/oracle song. With the current patch, clicking on either the Breeze or Skarn's "OK" box does nothing, but passing all priority will allow both the breeze and song to cast, but then you get stuck on your first main phase without being able to proceed or forfeit.

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