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Thread: Patch Thursday, April 7

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    Secret KS items patch! Better surprise than UI update for me
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    Was equipment for the new KS cards supposed to be in this patch or are they coming with a different patch?

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    I was looking at and I just now noticed that the random Rare/Legendary equipment reward is now marked as green. Did this happen in this patch or did I miss it in an earlier patch? Last I heard about it, it hadn't been given yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eetabee View Post
    Was equipment for the new KS cards supposed to be in this patch or are they coming with a different patch?
    Yea the only KS equipment I got was the uncommon for Lady Cassandra.

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    Thank you for this patch, the gameplay feel faster now, like you speed up the animations which is good. Also thx for the option to turn off the shaking of the screen at damage.

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    Somehow the glowing light around the "shop" icon in the upper right corner is really distracting.
    The card-highlighting instead of the shake on the battleground is much better now...

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    "The AI gets an upgrade too. Youíll notice better blocks from your computer opponents and craftier plays. When you do want to playtest your latest deck against the AI, you can play with any deck thatís legal in PVP or Campaign."

    So I might be wrong, but wasn't one of Hex's great point that the AI constantly learned from playing players ? Shouldn't he be improving all the time, not just during patchs ?
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    How do I get AA Lixil ;_;
    No one knows....
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    No one knows....
    I hope it involves playing 5 shard decks since set 1 despite all voice and reason saying it wouldn't be worth it

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