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Thread: Pre Primal Dawn Stab at S/R Control

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    Pre Primal Dawn Stab at S/R Control

    After Zygmunt's Game was released, I felt that S/R Action Control became very viable. Just with the cards spoiled so far, here's a rough beginning to what I think we're looking at:

    Champion: Uzzu the Bonewalker (23 health Necrotic Ranger, Charge Power: 4-Gain a threshold of your choice.)

    4x Zygmunt's Game
    3x Burn
    4x Arcane Focus
    4x Crackling Bolt
    4x Cerebral Fulmination
    4x Mindpyre
    4x Countermagic
    2x Cyclone Shaper
    2x Electrofry
    2x Savvas' Evocation
    3x Bogberg, the Great Gobbler
    1x Mad Robomancer (Ruby direct damage Major Gem, Sapphire Quick Minor Gem)

    10x Ruby Shard
    9x Sapphire Shard
    4x Shard of Innovation

    3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
    4x Heat Wave
    4x Time Flux
    1x Electrofry
    3x Indigo Dreamwalker

    The aim of this deck is to control the battlefield until you can win through Mindpyre + Bogberg/Cerebral Fulmination, Flying Savvas' Familiars/Cyclone Shapers, face damage Mad Robomancer replicas, and/or plain ol' burn to the face. Burn, Crackling Bolt, and Zygmunt's Game keep the board clear early, while Savvas' Evocation, Electrofry, and Zygmunt's Game (again) keep the board clear mid-late. In the mid game you'll make important decisions, such as whether to get Mindpyre online or hold up resources for Countermagic. Uzzu makes sure that from (on average) turn 4+ you're always able to cast the many 2-shard threshold cards this deck relies upon.

    Some interactions and meta considerations:

    Zygmunt's Game is already an amazing answer to many current threats, and will be even more key against Rune Ear Hierophant. Also, if you have Mad Robomancer and Zygmunt's Game, and an empty board, you can continuously kill the former while generating a replica and retrieve the latter, allowing you to deal 3 damage from the Ruby Major gem on the stream of replicas until your opponent plays a troop that Zygmunt's hits or finds another answer.

    The major interaction in the deck is between Bogberg and Mindpyre. Bogberg (which you can cast on turn 4 if you get lucky with Savvas' Evocation) forces each champion to discard his/her hand and draw 7 cards, which deals 7 damage via (one) Mindpyre. If you draw another Bogberg, you can just do it again. Thanks to Mindpyre, whether or not Bogberg survives to attack on the following turn is largely irrelevant.

    Electrofry makes the main deck b/c it kills Phenteo and Vampire Princess, whereas Heat Wave does not. Also, the fact that it damages the face is appreciated, especially late via the Empowered version. Cyclone Shaper (especially when Empowered) makes this more of a reality.


    Vs. Aggro
    +4 Heatwave
    +1 Electrofry
    +1 Indigo Dreamwalker
    -4 Countermagic
    -1 Mad Robomancer
    -1 Bogberg

    Vs. Mono Blood Vampires
    +3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
    +3 Indigo Dreamwalker
    -3 Burn
    -2 Cyclone Shaper
    -1 Bogberg

    Vs. Ramp
    +3 Heat Wave
    +1 Time Flux
    -2 Electrofry
    -2 Savvas' Evocation
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    Pyre decks are a bit slow. . .

    Have you thought about trying to cheat gobbler into play earlier since he redraws your whole hand?

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    Yes, this deck will be a bit on the slow side, but not more than you'd expect for a control deck, I think.

    And yes, the Savvas' Evocations are there in part because they can cheat the Gobbler out on turn 4, which is the earliest you'd want to do it, since you want to get Mindpyre out beforehand on turn 3 so that you can do 7 damage.

    I know a lot of people aren't very high on Savvas' Evocation, but I feel it will have a home in control decks like this that draw a lot of cards and have the luxury of waiting until the needed form shows up. The fact that you draw the "5 damage to a troop" form first is good, since that's the form you'd most want to see in an emergency. The turn after that it turns either into a Sunsoul Phoenix or ramp for your plethora of cheap cards or for your expensive Empower cards, such as Empowered Electrofry, which costs 8 and deals 6 to all troops and champs.

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