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    Known Issues Tracker

    Patch notes can be found here

    • Necrotic Mage characters can enter a state where they are unable to reset talents
    • The Cleric's charge power, Pray, does not create additional Blessings if you started the game with 100 or more cards in your deck

    • Special rewards granted for completing a dungeon, such as holiday event cards and stardust from the Artistic talent, will only display briefly when leaving certain dungeons
    • Fortune buffs from Gaal Camps do not currently display while in an encounter

    • Pressing a pass priority shortcut key prior to a reveal prompt can cause the game to stop responding
    • Some cards with multiple effects still resolve if all of their targets become invalid
    • No messaging displays if your opponent is offline when a game starts
    • Players cannot choose to pay for cards with “You may play this for free”

    PvP Cards

    Feral Domination
    • Does not trigger from Ozawa, Briar Legion, Rune Ear Commander, The Kraken, and Sepulchra Bonewalker

    Fifth Book of D’harsis
    • Fifth Book of D’harsis’s payment power does not ask for a target and automatically targets the opponent

    Grave Nibbler
    • Inconsistently being buffed by effects like Soul Armaments, Command Tower, etc. (link)

    Prodigy of Volosolov
    • Prodigy of Volosolv incorrectly has the words Volosolov’s Resonance in its game text

    Wolsy Wabbit
    • Wolsy Wabbit does not properly inherit certain powers when transforming

    PvE Cards and Equipment

    Brutal Commander
    • Multiple Brutal Commander triggers can resolve incorrectly and sometimes cause the player to lose the ability to pass priority (link)

    Chest'O Hex
    • Chest'O Hex's portrait does not display while zoomed out

    Inquisitor Thist
    • Inquisitor Thist does not bury cards when he attacks

    Frost Ring Arena
    • Player will sometimes not get the benefit of one of Hogarth's buffs if they start a boss battle with more than one buff active
    • Hogarth's resource buff grants [0/1] instead of [1/1]
    • The first Tier One opponent in the Frost Ring starts with 15 health instead of 14

    User Interface
    • Description text for challenges in the Frost Ring Arena is not displaying
    • The region outlines are missing from the campaign globe; clicking anywhere on the globe will load the currently selected character
    • ”Declare Blockers” text can sometimes remain on screen after the declare blockers phase
    • Art for resource cards can sometimes appear stretched
    • Windows in Frost Ring Arena summary display incorrectly
    • Many tunneling troops incorrectly have their card names in their text boxes

    Auction House
    • Items can fail to be filtered correctly, try resetting filters or typing then deleting a query into the search field before setting desired filters
    • Primal chests show up under the Legendary filter (link)

    Card Manager
    • Test draw accesses reserves (link)

    Inventory Stash
    • Mercenary tooltips all display “name not localized” text

    Social / Mail
    • Mail interface can become graphically messed up after sending attachments (link)

    • Tiebreaker values can become misaligned and display in the incorrect column (changing resolution settings will temporarily fix this)

    AI Bugs

    Eternal Drifter card
    • The AI can select invalid targets for some of the charge powers (example: Bunoshi charge power sacrificing Pulse Reactor to buff a troop) (link)
    • The AI can use an Eternal Drifter with Bunjitsu's charge power without sacrificing any troops (link)

    Forge of Cadoc card
    • The AI can play this card without returning a dwarf / artifact back to the deck (link)

    Rotmutt card
    • The game will sometimes hang when the AI plays Rotmutt (link)
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