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Thread: patcher bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa89 View Post
    I would love a "server status" in the patcher.
    I approve this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodick View Post
    I approve this!
    I would also like to see how many players are online in any given time.
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    also in the looop
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    Also looping. . . should I close the program or is that a bad idea?

    Edit: After closing and re-opening it . . . the patch finished; I don't now if the install is stable though
    Edit: Looks like login servers are down
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    yeah feels like login servers are down

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    So how do you fix the patcher looping issue. I have it happening on two separate machines.

    Edit: take that back it's only happening on one now.

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    should only need to close hex and restart it after its looped for 5mins

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    Anyone know what I can delete to stop the infinite patcher loop even after closing and restarting it?

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    I deleted AppData\LocalLow\Cryptozoic\HexPatch subfolder and reran Hex and now the patcher is re-downloading everything. Hoping this will fix things.

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