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Thread: patcher bug?

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    Still not fixed. Still getting infinite patch loop even after forcing it to redownload all the files.

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    I have the same problem on two different computers. It patches into a launcher with a Primal Dawn image but then it goes into some kind of perpetual downloading state. I've never had a problem with the client until today. It says it's downloading at a high rate but the files it is supposedly downloading aren't very big. Uninstalled the game and reinstalled, deleted the patch files in %appdata%, still experiencing the problem.

    The only thing I can think of that is unusual about my install is it is in c:\games\Hex on both computers

    edit: turns out that it did finish downloading after 5 hours. For whatever reason it was very slow despite it reporting that it was downloading at the full speed of my cable modem
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    any chance we can download a standalone patch?

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    Still can't get back in since the patch, stuck on the yellow loading bar for hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Incindium View Post
    Still not fixed. Still getting infinite patch loop even after forcing it to redownload all the files.
    Have you tried uninstalling Hex as a whole rather than the patch folder? That worked for me in the early days of the client.

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    just bumping and hoping CZE can give us a stand alone patch. thanks

    EDIT: i didn't change anything but tried again and I am finally able to patch my game
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    Thought I would come back and play this weekend but experiencing the checking files loop. Lost count of how many times it has looped. I have tried closing and restarting. Are other people still experiencing this and/or found a work around. I would like to avoid uninstalling the whole thing of possible as I suspect it will take ages to reinstall the whole game from scratch?

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    Patcher Issues

    So I have a few different machines that I'm having issues on. After a reinstall, my main machine is stuck at downloading RETRY: patch.ini, while the other two are having a "Disk Full" error message pop up. Of course neither of those computers actually have a full disk, and when RETRY: patch.ini finishes, nothing occurs. When restarted, the patcher merely does it again.

    I know there are others that are experiencing these issues. Have there been any solutions found for any of these? Have we received any official word?
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    I have the checking content infinite loop issue. It's driving me insane. Been at it for about 5 hours now and have tried all the fixes suggested. I am annoyed to say the least that there is no official word despite the amount of posts going up. But hey we are ready for Steam!

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    5 hours spent for nothing. Flight away from 5 shards.
    "Thanks" for cool patch, "thanks" for all.

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