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Thread: patcher bug?

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    My windows user name is, well my name, René - so I guess 1 special character there. The root folder for hex itself tho is just normal characters.

    And I do still have the same issue with the patcher :/
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    According dev comment on steam, the issue IS a problem with windows username with special characters or special character in the your root Hex folder (i.e : cyrillic usernames)

    So here the tempory workaround the issue. You just need to do it well. desinstall all Hex matter on your pc and do these things :

    We're working on a fix for this issue ASAP.

    I'll sound the horns and play the trumpets once it's sorted out, it shouldn't take long now as we know where the problem is.

    In the mean time, if there are people that need to have a temporary solution I have one.

    If your windows account has special characters, then you can get round the problem by making a new windows account with no special characters.
    Additionally, if your windows account doesn't have special characters, but your root folder for HEX does, then you should re-install the game in a new directory without special characters.
    -- Basically you need to get to a situation where your windows account + your HEX root folder have no special characters at all.

    Thankfully, our engineers are already fixing the main problem so you should not have to use the temporary fix unless you really need to.
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    Since they've found the issue, I will just wait for a proper fix I feel no need to make a new windows user - since they should be able to fix this in a timely fashion (now that they've located the problem).
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    Patch fix just released. You can try

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    They need a separate thread for patches and tell people what the changes are.

    For this one they seemed to have moved the drafting bar back to the center; I could not pick a card after my first draft pick - the client hung (could still manipulate the client, so not a freeze) but I had to log out and back in again to continue my picks. I did put in a support ticket, but if anyone else had this issue, please post it, errr, somewhere, as knowing if this is a thing or not is directly equivalent to if I'm hitting drafts hard this week like I had hoped or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregangel View Post
    Patch fix just released. You can try
    It`s a good news..

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    Been busy in RL for a while..

    Their update to the patcher worked for me.. However I had to un-install the game first, then I downloaded the setup again and installed it from there - worked first time.. But nowhere on my broken patcher did it say to un-install and reinstall. - thats my only complaint ^_^

    Thank you for the fix HEX'ers, everything seems to be good on my end now.
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    I'm still having the infinite Verifying files loop on my work laptop even after uninstalling and cleaning everything then reinstalling.

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