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    Crossover Wishlist

    I have been toying around with a "Constatine" crossover, the TV series NOT the movie, and I was wondering if Cryptozoic or anyone else might be interested in my ideas for cards. I would be happy to share those ideas with Cryptozoic, even going so far as to do some mock-ups and play test them. If there is any feedback, even negative, I would appreciate it. I have some other ideas for any who may be interested.

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    We've already portrayed Constantine, so he's not on the horizon at the moment.
    Feel free to post your home brew cards, though, just for fun.
    Matt Hyra
    Cryptozoic R&D

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    Actually I mocked-up cards for Zed, Chas, Furcifer and others. I just haven't thought of any oversized hero cards yet.

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    So, here are a few of the "home brew" cards that I created for a "Constantine" Crossover.
    Francis 'Chaz' Chandler: Hero cost 6, victory 4, Defense: When a card or effect you don't own causes you to destroy a card, You may discard this card and put a Weakness under your hero card instaed. Add those Weakness cards to your deck at the end of the game.
    Furcifer: Supervillain cost 8, Victory 4, +3 Power.
    Discard Ongoing: Once during your turn you may discard a non-kick Superpower to put this card into your hand.
    (Furcifer starts on top of the Super-Villain stack)
    Constantine's Seal: Superpower cost 5, victory 1, +2 Power and choose a foe.
    Attack: That foe cannot play any Attack cards during their next turn.
    The Acetate: Equipment cost 6, victory 1, Ongoing: You cannot avoid attacks. +2 Power when buying Heroes or Villians. You may discard this from play on any player's turn when a Super-Villain is defeated.
    Jacob Shaw: Villain cost 4, victory 1, +2 Power.
    Defense: If you control a Location, you may reveal this card to aviod an Attack. If you do, discard this card at the end of the current turn and draw a card.
    So, what do you think?

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    Gotta have a Papa Midnite card.

    Papa Midnite:Supervillain, Cost 9, Victory 5, Gain a weakness. +1 Power for each weakness in your discard pile. First Appearance-Attack: Gain a weakness. Discard a card for each weakness in your discard pile.

    Don't know how well that card would work out. Maybe even have a new keyword such as "Spell" or "Cast Spell".
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    Actually my Papa Midnight is this: Supervillain cost 15, victory 7, Stack Ongoing: At the start of each player's turn, that player puts a villain from their hand or discard pile into the line up. Papa Midnight cost one additional power to defeat for each villain in the line up.
    Obviously he is the final supervillain for the set.

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    Just to update with a few more of my card ideas. I do appreciate any feedback any fans want to contribute.
    Zed Martin: Hero cost 5, victory 1, +1 Power.
    Look at the top card of any one deck. You may return that card to the top of that deck or put it on the bottom of that deck.
    Constantine's Seal: superpower cost 5, victory 1, +2 Power and choose a foe.
    Attack: That foe cannot play any Attack cards during their next turn.
    Imogen: supervillain cost 11, victory 6, Ongoing: Put any cards that cost 1 or more that you destroy under this card. Put all cards under this card into your deck at the end of the game.
    Stack Ongoing: All Superpowers played keep their printed Power but they lose any other text in their text boxes.
    Coblynau: Villain cost 4, victory 1, +1 Power.
    When you are attacked, you may reveal this card. If you do, choose: either you draw a card, or the attacking player discards a card. You may still play a Defense after this effect resolves.

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    Nice. It's hard to come up with enough cards since there weren't too many characters on the show.

    Manny: Hero cost 6, victory 1, Ongoing: +1 power for each Hero you play. When you buy or gain a villain from the line-up, you may destroy it and gain a card from the destroyed pile equal to its cost.

    Play a ton of DCDB and suck at making cards lol.

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    Actually, I made a Hero and a Supervillain version for him.
    Manny: Hero cost 5 Victory 1, +2 Power.
    Defense: You may discard this card to avoid an Attack. If you do, put any other card in your discard pile that costs 6 or less into your hand.
    Manny: Supervillain cost 10 victory 5, +2 Power and put all villians, but not Supervillians, from your discard pile into your hand.
    First Appearance - Attack: Each player reveals their hand and puts a villain from their hand or discard pile into the lineup.
    This version of Manny wasn't intended for the "Constantine" crossover. It was made before I started the crossover idea.

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    I take it that Constantine's Seal is a spell he uses?

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