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Thread: HexMeta (beta) is live!

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    Lightbulb HexMeta (beta) is live!

    We are happy to announce our newest ongoing project, HexMeta. Thanks to the hard work of Dragonborn member (and new FiveShards member) Veetor, compiles the daily data from scheduled constructed tournaments and gauntlet to makes it available in one easy-to-use place.

    This project is in a very early stage, but our current features include:

    • Every decklist that 4-0s or 3-1s in Scheduled Constructed tournaments.
    • Every decklist that achieves a 5-x in Constructed Gauntlet.
    • Searchable lists by player name, wins, champion used, tournament type, date, and thresholds used.
    • Overview data that contains current deck trends for the last week.
    • Hexprice integration
    • Mouseover card displays

    Naturally, this project is in the very early stages of development as the data just recently became publicly available; however, Veetor has several features planned as he continues to develop the site, including:

    • Player tracking and performance rankings
    • Showing gem sockets for cards
    • Deck analysis: curve of the deck, chances to hit threshold by turn 1/2/3/4/5
    • Clicking on pie chart graph to drill down into data
    • Direct links to searches (for bookmarking a search)
    • Aggregate build of an archetype (average deck)
    • Correlation between cards in decks
    • Search for decks that use a specific card
    • Support for community tournament deck analysis
    • More charts and more pie, maybe in combination
    • Other things we dare not mention yet!

    If you have any ideas, features, comments, or questions regarding, feel free to post here and we will see what we can do.
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    Suggestion: match colors in both charts.

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    also how about showing shard combinations in overview rather then champions? because 40% OTHER is ridiculous and Kranok for example could be BS, mono B or even BR.
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    Awesome job guys, I have been waiting for this since the data have been posted! I will go through the site when I'm home and post some suggestions. For now I would really appreciate winrate percentages for each of the decks, also what was the score in the deck details (5:0/5:1/...). Actual sockets for the socketable cards would be also useful.

    I'm already looking forward to more statistics such as deck classification based on staple cards, etc.
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    Good job guys, I was waiting for stuff like this.

    Is there a chance for more "soffisitcated" graphic presentation of meta?

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    Site looks great. Love the layout, format and detail of it. One thing though is that the Diamond Shard is almost invisible being over the white background of the site

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    It'll be interesting how you guys classify the decks especially for archetypes that don't have a default champion.

    Bayesian filtering?

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    Looking good so far.

    Two suggestions:
    -An Export or Copy to Clipboard button for the decks to be able to import them into sites like TCGBrowser more easily.
    -The ability to open decks in new tabs, rather than both left- and right-click opening the decks in the current tab.
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    amazing job! thank you

    maybe you can bundle the price of the cards in the deck overview, so you know how much it would be to create that deck.
    maybe even with check boxes, so you can select your cards missing and know the endprice
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    If there's a way to work in images for cards somewhere on a mouseover, that would be awesome. Either as a static viewport that shows the last hovered over card, or a dynamic mouse over view port. It helps people who aren't 100% familiar with the set to learn what the cards do.

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