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Thread: Welcoming our new Steam friends

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    Welcoming our new Steam friends

    I think it would be cool if our community "rolled out the red carpet" so to speak around the Steam launch. For many new Steam players we may only get an hour or so to convince them that the game is worth spending some time with, so we should try to make sure that hour shines.

    For players that jump right to the campaign, I don't know if there is much that we can do, other than populate chat and be helpful to new players (and try to avoid flame wars when the inevitable negative comments appear). But for people wanting to give PVP a try, they're unlikely to jump right to paid tournaments. So making sure that the proving grounds are well populated would be good.

    I'm thinking I'd build some PVP decks that showcase some interesting mechanics but are also built from cards that would be accessible to relatively new players, and that won't just stomp a starter deck into the ground. If we can get a number of people doing the same thing, that should make for a much more pleasant introduction to the game than people might get otherwise. If you have decks posted that you think would work well for this, let me know.

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    I'll modify and convert some of my posts on to the steam community portal once I can. My only concern is that the players that will have a generally bad experience in the game and understanding it will not be ones looking for help in chat or on the community portal, but hopefully it's a small %.

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    I've just been playing some janky decks in random matches. Like Chimes, Jank Bot, etc.

    Decks like that already show off what makes HEX unique. They're not Tier 1 decks either so they're fun to play against or watch it destroy you when it goes off. :P

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    And I'll troll the new players and post decklists of just the most expensive legendaries.

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    Looking forward to having a bunch of new folks to play with, all that have a fresh perspective on the game. Let's show them how awesome it is to be a part of the community!
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    We should expect a lot of people to complain about the resource system and how the RNG is full of bugs because they drew 3 troops in a row. We need to reply to those in kindness and explain why it is how it is, we must not go "There we go again..."

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    I already wrote comments, liked, followed and tagged it.

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