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Thread: Updated Draft UI

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    People are inherently resistant to change. So I get that a lot of the complaining will be marked to that. But unfortunately that placement just functionally doesn't work as well with how windowed screens often snap under the taskbar in Windows.
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    It's not just resistant to change. It doesn't make sense.

    Your resources and threshold are visually near your cards in hand which need them to be played.

    Your charges are visually near your champion who uses them.

    Why wouldn't the timer be visually near the cards you are picking? Again, if there is some major problem with the timer being in the middle and it has to be moved, why not put it on the top where the cards you are picking from where the timer is relevant, as opposed to near cards on the bottom that have 0 relationship with the timer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fido_one View Post
    I don't mind it on the bottom either. The timing bar isn't something you're necessarily racing against, it's more informative, so having it on the bottom makes for a slightly less anxious drafting experience IMO.
    I would argue that for a new player drafting that they might not even notice the bar and thus not realise there's even a time limit until it's too late for their first pick!. It does seem odd to have it moved. If it stays then I'm sure we'll get used to it, but logically it seems to make more sense to have the cards you're drafting and the time remaining shown close to each other.

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    I dont really mind the timer, I can get used to it..
    What bothers me, that I cant see the ID of the draft while picking the cards. Might cause frustration, if someone have any issues during that phrase and also harder to track it regarding to support.

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    i want the timer to be in the middle again, because since it is on the bottom i lost all my drafts in round 1 .... thx hexent !
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    I like it that way. When you alt + tab your screen you can still see the bar timer through the Windows task bar.

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    Just want to say thanks for moving the timer back to the middle.

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