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Thread: Updated Draft UI

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    Updated Draft UI

    Not sure what they thought was wrong with the old version, do not see how this is an improvement.

    The timer being right at the bottom of the screen is a lot worse though, please move it back to where it is easier to see.

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    Got a pic? Dont think ill draft again until the new set comes out

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    it's in the sideboard phase as well... didn't see it first ^^ (sorry, no pic)
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    Middle of the screen seemed more natural. Maybe because it has been that way for so long. +1 to putting it back in its original spot.

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    For me its about where you are looking and you are almost never looking at the bottom of the screen.

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    yeah this seems like one of those things that violate "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

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    +1 for putting it back in the middle. I'd be interested in hearing the logic for this change... cause it makes no sense to me. The rest of the changes look GREAT. Timer movement is a head scratcher though.
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    I kinda like it on the bottom. So glad all the graphical sorting issues are gone too...
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    I think the timer is better in the middle as you can see the cards you're picking and the timer more easily than having to shift focus to the absolute bottom of the client.

    I'd put it above the cards you're picking as opposed to the bottom if there is some rationale of not keeping it in the middle.

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    your confusion will not be for a long time. first i also was confused by the new arrangement of ressources and threshholds. now it's fine
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