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Thread: Spectral changes

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    The nerf makes the squirrel inconsistent card unlike the tiger.The tiger would have been as is in lots of PVE deck because it's still a shardless 3/1 with card draw.The new version creates random card which makes it more of a fun card but not something to be relied on in a tough raid or boss fight.It also makes the acorn less likely to be used.Hex really need an article to explain those changes and why they chose it to be that way.

    After seeing what they did to the dream deck it's possible they err on the side of over nerfing.

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    If raids are muli stage, then yes I am not happy with the change. However, we really dont know how raids work.

    I hope hex is listening to the worry about the squirrel in mulit stage environments because it is a valid concern.

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