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Thread: Nin's Marauders

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    Just curious how long arena runs are taking you guys for the various decks you are running with this card?

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    I think mine is around the hour mark, over/under depending on RNG. Definitely not a speed farming deck for anyone looking for fastest gold per hour.

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    i tried it out, it's a funny deck... but slow as well... to many decisions to make

    definitly worth for encounters you need an alternate wincon!
    i took in Morphology with equip as removal instead of extinction...

    i think it still needs more carddraw. in my next run i would probably put in some oracle song or something
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    maybe not the fastest ... but very stable for perfect runs ....runs without any lose get bonus items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantius View Post
    Wasn't sure if I should make a different thread, but ever since I added Slithering Marauders they have become a pretty key player. So if someone is looking for an similar, but different deck that uses Marauders, here is:

    Emperor Savvas

    x4 The Crowd Roars (weapon) - guys, this will be sooo good with Primal Dawn empower cards
    x4 Arcane Focus

    x4 Shoggoth (boots)
    x3 Slithering Marauders - Was only able to snag 3 before prices went bananacakes
    x2 Tectonic Megahulk (trinket)

    x4 Morphology (gloves)
    x4 Burn
    x4 Crackling Bolt
    x4 Heat Wave (chest)
    x2 Fiery Indignation (helm)

    x2 Replica Reinforcements

    x12 Sapphire Shard
    x9 Ruby Shard
    x2 Starsphere
    I used this as a base for a similar deck that I had lots of fun playing (2 arena runs so far). I made a few changes, none of which are necessarily better, but are possibilities to consider.

    I switched the 4x Morphology (gloves) with 4x Dream Eagle (gloves). You lose out on four actions that can help with Marauders and the ability to remove any troop no matter how large, but you gain more flexibility in looking for (especially) The Crowd Roars (or whatever else you have a need for at the moment) and a more powerful card to cast for free if The Crowd Roars hits it.

    Since the Eagles need two Sapphire threshold, I switched out 2x Starsphere, 1x Ruby Shard, and 1x Sapphire Shard for 4x Shard of Innovation, just to make absolutely sure I had the thresholds for whatever I wanted to cast.

    I also switched out 4x Shoggoth (boots) for 4x Arborean Rootfather (damage and speed gems). You lose the ability to put other cards back in your deck and the ability to counter cards, but you gain an even easier single card cycle ability with the addition of card draw to make up for the lack of a counter and a more powerful (generally) troop to cast for free off of The Crowd Roars.

    I switched out 2x Fiery Indignation (helm) for 1x Slithering Marauder (helm) (making 4x since I have four to use) and 1x Argus, Herald of Doom (boots). This switch was to have the full number of Marauders, have the ability to possibly create more The Crowd Roars at the start of your turn, and to have another troop that can either be cast for free or (at worst) void another card for 4.

    Finally I switched out 2x Replica Reinforcements and 2x Tectonic Megahulk (trinket) for 4x Slaughergear's Replicator (trinket). I feel like this is the most obviously better switch, but it's also a very expensive switch. . . It basically gives you another win condition (the Replicator by itself) that can be easily cast from hand (unlike the Megahulk). And (though it's usually overkill) the Replicator combos well with all the other troops you might have out (they either have comes into play abilities (Eagle, Rootfather, Marauder) or a replica Argus can void an extra card of the opponent's).

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