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Thread: Nin's Marauders

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    Nin's Marauders

    So, with the latest patch some new Kickstarter cards have hit the client; and one I've been having a lot of fun with is Slithering Marauder. This is my first draft of a fun Slithering Marauder deck, using Sapphire and Blood (the other possibility is probably Ruby Sapphire, though I haven't tried that yet).

    Champion: Nin

    4 Slithering Marauder (his equips aren't in the game yet, but probably add the Tentacled Fingers once they are)

    4 Call the Grave (Tablet of the Revenant equip)
    4 Chronic Madness
    4 Arcane Focus
    4 Peek
    1 Time Ripple
    2 Kill
    4 Extinction
    4 Chaotic Murmurs (Chaotic Cloak equip)
    4 Replica Reinforcements
    1 Romor's Reckoning (can run the Ruin Rod of Romor if you like, but should be unnecessary)

    4 Shard of Cunning
    12 Sapphire Shard
    8 Blood Shard

    As this is my first draft, it can probably be improved upon a lot. Mastery of Time could easily find a place, and the Ripples and Kills might need to be adjusted. Lady Devonshire could also be run if you wish.


    So, as you can see, the idea is to mill yourself as much as possible, play a lot of free Marauders, then mill the opponent too, and either mill them out or (which is more fun!) mill them then finish them with Romor's Reckoning.

    My fastest win was a turn three, here:

    Though as you can tell, Reckoning isn't really needed. And it's usually more like turn 4-6 when you can win.

    Start by milling yourself as much as possible. Use Nin on yourself, Chaotic Murmurs yourself, and Chronic Madness yourself. You also want to have at least one Marauder or Call the Grave in hand - use Focus and Peek to dig for them. You might need to Extinction, Ripple or Kill to survive.

    Once your crypt is full of actions, Marauder should be very cheap, if not free. So now the fun begins! After milling yourself enough, your first action will normally be Call the Grave. With its equip, this will bring all your Marauders back to hand. Play them out, usually milling yourself more first, then with the last one hitting Replica Reinforcements, filling your hand with more free Marauders. When you have enough Marauders you can turn to milling the opponent. It's often a good idea to use Extinction with your second to last Marauder in hand, then Call the Grave with the last one - getting back all the Marauders you've just Extincted to replay them all again, and wiping the opponent's side. Using Marauders on Chronic Madness to mill the opponent, then on Chaotic Murmurs to mill yourself and find the Escalated Madnesses for the next Marauder to use on the opponent again works well. And if the opponent has enough troops in their crypt, you can Romor's Reckoning to finish them off.

    Apart from Romor's Reckoning you can also run just about any other expensive action you're fond of. I had 4 Wrath of Zakiir for a while instead of Extinction; it worked well, but you don't have the Ruby shards to actually play the Zakiir power cards, so I think it would be better in a Ruby variant (perhaps with Crazed Rummaging, Fuel for the Fire and so on). You can also easily play cards like Transcend or Born of the Flame, just because.
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    Nice. Look forward to trying it. Good use for Replica Reinforcements.

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    Card image of the Marauder would help. It's changed since KS.

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    This deck is pretty hilarious, and they thought Dream deck was non-interactive.. lol. Romor's after endlessly egging takes the cake for sure.

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    Morphology with equipment seems to fit this deck quite well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdant View Post
    Morphology with equipment seems to fit this deck quite well.
    This was my first thought as well. Need a way to stall in to the right cards sometimes, better than time ripple with equipment. Was told earlier that time ripple is so you can occasionally play it on your own marauder, but honestly I'd prefer the card draw and defense I think.
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    Mimic works here, so does yesterday. Lots of potential here.

    So much clicking though, not the fastest of decks lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xexist View Post
    Mimic works here, so does yesterday. Lots of potential here.

    So much clicking though, not the fastest of decks lol
    Yeah, I started with Mimic, then decided Replica Reinforcements is just better. Though it is harder to cast from hand, that comes up less often.

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    As a clarification on how this deck works, if you play a Chronic Madness from a Marauder entering play, does it still get voided after you play it? Or not since it goes into the deck? I assume it still gets voided

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