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Thread: Installer Looping on Checking Existing Files

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    Installer Looping on Checking Existing Files

    My Hex patcher is sitting looping "Checking Existing Files" over and over again.

    It looks as if all content is download in AppData\LocalLow\Cryptozoic\HexPatch\h_dl_hex_game forge_com__live-6597987 but for some reason it won't copy it all to the Hex folders and complete.

    This is after doing a complete uninstall of Hex and a delete of everything in AppData\LocalLow\Cryptozoic\HexPatch earlier and redownloading the installer from the Hex site and reinstalling and having the patcher download everything.

    Luckily this isn't on my home computer so I'll actually be able to log in and play tonight at home.

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    Try to disable antivirus for the time of the update. This helped me in the past, hope it will be good for you too!

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    Still not been able to figure out a fix on this one machine.

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