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Thread: [PvE] Creatures don't deal combat damage after removing attempted blockers

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    [PvE] Creatures don't deal combat damage after removing attempted blockers

    Creatures are dealing no combat damage after using actions to remove blockers

    1. Enemy champion is at 20 health
    2. I have a 1/1 swinging at the opponents champion and a 2/2 tries to block during the blocker phase.
    3. I use a burn to kill said enemy and he goes to the crypt.
    4. My creature should now swing for 1 and the enemy champion should be at 19
    5. Instead enemy champion remains at 20

    I remember this was still a bug almost 3 months ago. This is happening in every single battle I am fighting in. Is this a known issue?
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    Once a creature is declared as a blocker, the attacking creature is blocked. Removing the blocker doesn't make the attacking creature unblocked.

    If you cast Burn prior to the defender declaring the blocker, then your 1/1 would not get blocked by it.


    As an aside, if your attacking creature has Crush, all of its damage will still carry over to the defending champion if all of its blockers are removed.

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    It is known that this happens because it's supposed to happen.

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    only crush troops should still deal dmg when a blocker is removed.
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