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Thread: Playing a card with casting cost X for Free fixes X to 0

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    Playing a card with casting cost X for Free fixes X to 0

    If you get the opportunity to play Army of Myth for free, it's not worth it: X is fixed to 0, even if you've got resources available.

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    It's on the known issues list

    Players cannot choose to pay for cards with “You may play this for free”

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    What's written in the OP is a slightly different thing than that line from the known issues list, though they are related.

    You cannot choose a higher value for X when playing a card with X in its cost for free. That will always be the case, even when they fix the bug the known issues list describes.

    Once the bug is fixed -- and only in situations where you could both play the card for its costs and play it for free -- you will either be able to choose a value for X and pay the entire cost of the card (including the non-X costs), or you will be able to play the card for free with X fixed to zero.

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