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Thread: Mercenary Values

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    Mercenary Values

    While I know the Mercenary values aren't being included in the daily data dump of auction house (or at least it sure seems that way), does anyone have any idea what the true "values" are of the GenCon Mercs? I always see there are some on the AH, but I have no idea which ones (if any) are selling. Did we ever get a reasoning behind why they are not included in that data from someone at HXE?

    Basically, I have an extra Portensio, and I want to get a Gax. However, for maximum value, I'd love to see if i can buy low on Gax and sell high on Portensio on the AH. I'm not sure if that's even going to be possible, but if i knew what was selling (or what people were actually buying them for), it would give me a better idea.

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    Nobody will know what the "true" value is, if there is such a thing, until a few months after the mercs are actually implemented, people have evaluated how useful they are, and there is actual consistent demand for them.

    In the meantime, you have to just watch the auction house for a while to get an idea of what they are currently going for. Even then, because it's such an illiquid market, you are bound to get see big swings in prices.

    I don't participate in the merc market, but my impression of the gen con ones is that brosi-buk is somewhat cheaper for whatever reason and gax and portensio are usually listed somewhere between 1 and 2k in roughly similar prices with (maybe) gax a bit more. I have seen gax and portensio listed for 2 to 3K but I have no clue whether the market ever clears at that price. Take that with a very large grain of salt though, I'm sure some folks know better and can volunteer actual sales numbers (although if they really know, they might not).

    Basically, if you want a gax now, you can probably work with those ranges and not get ripped off. In general, there's probably a good argument for all mercs going up in value once they actually come out. So you might want to sell a reese or something and keep your portensios until mercs are implemented.

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    I would buy the gax and keep the extra portensio. The QTYs on these mercs is so low that once mercs hit demand will quickly exceed supply.

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