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Thread: HEX Update - More of that Polish

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic_gazz View Post
    Would rather have set 4.
    +1. I feel the priority should be Primal Dawn release, the Steam a week or two later. I think it's going to happen the other way around though.

    I love you guys and gals, I really, really do. But I'm turning into Kylo Ren every time there's another update saying its "soon." Please. I can only take it so much. Happy for the distraction for a weekend of the Wild Cup's unique format.
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    LOL at anyone who thought we would get set 4 early April. I think George Bush said it best: "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, you can't get fooled again." I wonder what he would say about getting fooled 1000 times?

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    While I'll wait patiently, I have to admit that going from "We're still on track for early April!" to "You can look forward to a release date soon!" is a bit hard. It helps knowing that in the past, release dates have only preceded the actual release by about a week or so, but it definitely feels like one or two steps back.

    In any case, I hope everything goes well and the Steam launch is successful and productive! I'm still undecided about linking Steam accounts. I'd like to post a review and rating, but I'd rather support Hex more directly with my money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradon View Post
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    Has anyone heard whether steam release definitely won't coincide with set 4? Was it in the steam thread? I'm just wondering if that's why things might be a bit cagey, given there's no confirmed steam date yet, or if it is simply that this polish patch may have lead to further tweaks needed for a smooth set 4 patch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metronomy View Post
    I will just reiterate that this cannot happen for set 5 and sets after that. For set 4 I will say nothing anymore but lets assume you say set 5 is basically done in 4 months and when you then need 3 more months to actually release..then this wont fly. You can polish to perfection but if it comes a month or two too late because of that the damage is potentialy bigger than having a few bugs.
    I'd agree with you and say that we're doing everything to improve our release timing for future PVP sets, but I feel we have to first execute on it and then we can say that we did it, not that we're going to do it, you know?
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    I don't mind the Set 4 delays (busy with RL as it is). I would just like to get my Spectral Lotus gardens and the Uruunaz starter...

    Plus: Please fix the api.ini bug. That ruined a nice little Arena run.
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    This has to be the weakest and most disappointing Friday update ever. No release date yet is really really bad. Not a few spoilers to sweeten the pill is just dismal.

    Oh well.

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    Sad but true ;(
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    ewvne one spoiler would make it so different, dissapointment is real
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    so many soon's i realy can't read this word anymore ><
    Man i love Hex so much but this love feels so one-sided at the moment and everyone knows what this feeling is..
    i think you guys give your best but there realy has to come any true informations this update can't just be the way to go here :/
    I need some optimists posting in here Dino, Alu and Colin where are you?

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