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Thread: New Promo Video Up On Steam Hex Page

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    Probably, Souls series is pretty big and a lot of people will be playing this week. I was going to put off getting it myself until later since Hex is my primary game, but I'll be buying it this week since no set 4.

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    Ty and the HEX art team did this one. It's awesome.
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    Yeah, it's really well done. Nice first impression video I'd say for the potential market.

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    Thanks Colin!
    I want to give a special shout out to Justin Eslinger for all the extensive video capture and editing and to Todd Castillo for all the audio work. Props to Game Forge for helping support our efforts to make an extra trailer internally for our special Steam launch.

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    Very nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Antfunk View Post
    So it's out on Tuesday. Same day as Dark Souls 3. Ouch. And no set 4 either ><. Oh and lots of people can't even get past the launcher atm. Oh and the Major API bug.
    I may be wrong but isn't the API thing related to using some third party services if so it could be of catastrophic magnitude and still have absolutely 0 effect on the steam launch.

    Also that video was amazing i would 100% have downloaded and tried that game in a heartbeat and i am very pick with first impressions.
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    Very very very very nice trailer. So nice that is there a reason to leave the other 2 ?

    Keep up the good work. Set 4 + Steam release + a little bit of luck and Hex will be at the top of its game (+ no more late release to keep the people in )

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdax View Post
    ... is there a reason to leave the other 2 ?
    I thought the same thing. This new one makes the others look bad.

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