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Thread: New Promo Video Up On Steam Hex Page

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    Quote Originally Posted by CZE_Ty View Post
    Thanks Colin!
    I want to give a special shout out to Justin Eslinger for all the extensive video capture and editing and to Todd Castillo for all the audio work. Props to Game Forge for helping support our efforts to make an extra trailer internally for our special Steam launch.
    You guys did a really solid job. Mega props

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    Yes definitely shows the 12th for me but I can't play the videos on iOS. It has the play sign with a line through it. Weird.

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    I have to agree. This latest trailer is the best one yet.

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    Great video! However Im not a huge fan of the PVE druid girl with the chihuahua.. Sure she looks nice and she has a bigger role in PVE, but there are clearly better artworks in the game

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    Thats a Fennec fox you pleb!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolzarg View Post
    Thats a Fennec fox you pleb!
    Dont really makes a difference for me..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valnir View Post
    Dont really makes a difference for me..

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    Thank you guys for the support on this case!

    Mokogs chihuahua really gives me the creeps! Onre more reason for replacing her and the pet too.
    Anyway Im secretly hope for a the druid somekind of evil taint and twists to chaothic evil, or at the end of the campaign, It turns out that she used us, to her diabolic goals..
    that dog would perfectly fit in the picture!

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