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    Suggestion: Max Level Characters get 2x gold, no EXP

    Hey All,

    If this has been suggested before, I didn't find it, but I think that it would make sense to have Max Level characters in the campaign to get the earned EXP as gold instead. I'm 90% sure that they do this in WoW (its been a while) among other games, but it helps make it feel more meaningful to do another dungeon run for a character at Max level. Otherwise, you feel like you are partially wasting effort as you are putting in the same amount of time, but not getting the full benefit out of it because the EXP now means nothing.

    Given that the EXP and Gold given is the same, by turning the EXP into gold, this would mean that you get 2x gold, which sounds about right to me, though maybe you only want to do 1.5x. Less than that though and I at least think people would feel like there is no point to playing max level characters, which is a problem, if they character a player would have the most fun with is at max level.

    Anyways, just a thought that came up for me after I hit max level, and was instantly thinking that there was no reason for me to play that character anymore.


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    I like the idea. Right now there is no reason to play a max level char, which really doesn't seem right.

    It could be a temporary thing until true max level content is in the game (AZ3), because at that point you will prob need max level chars just to beat that content (hopefully).

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    I like the idea. Even 1.5 coefficient would be fine.

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    the incentive to farm with a maxlevel character is, you have better decks available and you are therefore faster
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    What gold payouts would be reduced in order to increase the payouts for farming at max-level?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noragar View Post
    What gold payouts would be reduced in order to increase the payouts for farming at max-level?
    Gold payouts wouldn't need to be reduced for balance since for a given time, repeated dungeon runs is less efficient. For farming, there is already a greater incentive to start with fresh characters since you get AZ1 packs and an extra dungeon pack when completing for the first time.

    This 2x gold would just reduce the disparity between grinding with new characters vs. max level characters.

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    Alternately, there's the Guild Wars approach: You still gain XP at max level, and XP is spent on things other than increasing your level.

    For example, every time you fill up an XP bar, you get an item that can be used in crafting consumables or equipment or something.

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