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Thread: More than 4 of a single geymtype...

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    More than 4 of a single geymtype...

    If I have 2 copies of a card and socket both with the a gem and socket another card with the same gem I get the error "More than 4 of a single geymtype" (even if it's just 3), and I can't save the deck.

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    It's happened with me too a few weeks ago. I had to unsocket every card, and socket again, that solved it if i remember well.

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    did you add 4 copys of a card to your deck, socket them all
    remove 2 of them from your deck

    add 2 other cards, try to socket them
    -error message-

    might be that socketed cards you remove from your deck do not loose the gems automatically.
    you might need to save and exit the deckbuilder in between.
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