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Thread: New Dream Deck since nerf?

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    New Dream Deck since nerf?

    Has anyone a good idea for a dream deck since the nerf?

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    that wasn't a nerf, they killed the dream
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    Maybe if it had been one threshold instead of 2 and they hadn't nerfed dream bear's health trinket it would have been ok. But yeah. it's a nightmare now

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    I used to prefer a S/W (4 colour) Winter Moon version of the Dream deck originally (more true to its Coyotle roots) and have modified that following the nerf to S/W/D:

    Winter Dream - Pre-Nerf
    Winter Dream - Post-Nerf:
    Champion: Winter Moon
    4x Stargazer (Chest - return card from crypt to hand)
    4x Dreamsmoke Mystic
    4x Arcane Dreamcatcher (Helmet - troops with =< 2 attack stay exhausted)
    2x Dream Turtle
    4x Dream Bear (Trinket)
    4x Dream Eagle (Gloves)
    4x Arcane Focus
    4x Chronic Madness
    2x Dream Dance (Boots - put card from crypt on top of deck)
    3x Oracle Song
    4x Enter the Dream (Weapon)
    1x Diamond Shard
    4x Howling Plains Bluegrass
    3x Sapphire Shard
    4x Shard of Instinct
    4x Shards of Fate
    5x Wild Shard

    The new version is obviously nowhere near as powerful as the original, but is still plenty strong enough for Arena & a lot of fun to play.
    It has SO many ways to shift cards between deck, hand, & crypt as you need them.

    The Dreamcatchers are awesome cards with EtD, like little Menacing Gralks but far more versatile because EtDs can allow you to time when you bring them into play: defensively (before opponents combat), usual ambush (after opponent has declared combat) or all out offense (end of opponents turn, or hard cast - gets you a free full swing with everything on their side exhausted).
    In the nerfed version (without Dream Skarns + Eq) the helmet can be helpful in controlling swarms of small troops.

    You have tons of control in getting access to the cards you want. As you mill yourself you get to concentrate the cards you want to draw in your deck (mainly WMed buffed actions - Chronic Madness & card draw), put your Dream troops into your crypt & access the other cards you need from your crypt (especially recycling EtD) with Stargazers (+Eq) & Dream Dance (+Eq).
    Milling your opponent is an alternate win-con: once you've milled yourself 4 or 5 times (CMs get concentrated as deck gets smaller), it only takes 2 or 3 mills of your opponent to win.

    It's a slightly technical deck to play (which I prefer, but it won't suit those looking for a fast grinding deck). It runs a lot faster once you've played it a few times and know the key decisions you have to make and how you want to manage the mix of cards you want in your crypt/hand - sometimes you have to put Dream Eagles back into your deck, or pull an Eagle or even a shard from your crypt when you don't have and EtD yet. The Stargazers (only non-Dream troop) help a lot both with digging & putting Dream troops in the crypt - actions & EtD to the left, Dream troops to the right.
    (It reminds of the 'thistle-sifter' from the "The King's Speech".)

    So quickly, give this a try if you're interested, before the fun police brandish their censorship pens again and black out Sister Midnight's Dream completely.

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    I haven't really test-played it much, but I've been working on a S/W Winter Moon that uses different "dream" creatures alongside the eagle and bear. Enter the Dream brings back stuff like Eldritch Dreamer, Dreamsmoke Mystic, Arcane Dreamcatcher, Dream Stag, etc., so it works as really, really nice insurance in the long game. Chronic Madness sounds like a good thing to play for self milling, will have to consider those.
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