(this deck is tuned for a campaign dwarf warrior, but can easily be tuned for any champion that can use ruby/sapphire)


7 Ruby Shard
8 Sapphire Shard
4 Crackling Vortex
4 Shards of Innovation
1 Starsphere

2 Azurefate Sorceress (gems = brutality and flames)
3 Phantasmal Slayer
2 Scrap Welder (equipment - boots [return to hand])
3 Cerulian Mentalist
2 Jags the Blademaster (equipmnt - chest [triple damage])
2 Droo's Colossal Walker
2 Resource Optimizing Device

charge generation
3 Lightning Elemental (equipment - weapon [gain 1/0])
3 Inductocoptor Bot

threat removal
2 Morphology (equipment - glove [card draw])
3 Crackling Bolt
3 Buccaneer (equipment - trinket [quick])
2 Countermagic
3 Polymorph: Dinger (equipment - head [-2 cost])
1 Yesterday

So the basic strategy is get a sorceress in play and then either play a phantasmal slayer or scrap welder each turn until they die, and if you happen to get a jags in play it happens that much sooner. And remeber each time you recast them they will get another copy of each of the inspires in play (so very quickly you have a 4 cost troop doing 15 damage and drawing 3 cards each time you cast it)

If you are not using a dwarf warrior you may not value the charges so much and may want to switch the lightning elementals and Inductocoptor bots out. If you do be sure to add in some artifacts so the scrap welders activate. The resource optimizing devices are also in mainly for this so can be changed out (for other artifacts) if you don't care as much about consistency.

The deck is remarkably versatile and it is really fun winning with out even attacking. (and with no legendaries it's not crazy expensive to try out)

I haven't tried it yet but I would think a variation yet would work well in arena too. Just load up on all the core cards.