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Thread: PvP Deck Challenge For Budget Guys

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    Question PvP Deck Challenge For Budget Guys

    Can someone suggest a constructed deck that is fairly consistent in PvP that does NOT have any of the following Troops or Champions:

    - Winter Moon
    - Dreaming Fox
    - Zorzym

    - Reese, the Crustcrawler
    - Sunsoul Phoenix
    - Windsinger, Master of the Hunt
    - Azurefate Sorceress
    - Phenteo the Blood Priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jugg View Post
    Here ya go:
    Decks that have gone 5-X in constructed gauntlet in the last week. Sort it by value to see the cheapest.
    And you will end up with the following sorted by price from cheapest:
    R/S Robots (Bertram)
    Orc/Yeti rush (Urgnock)
    Ruby Midrange (Lionel or Benvolio)
    Cheap wintermoon (Wintermoon and usually includes 1-2 Windsingers)
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