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Thread: When the chips are down....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khazrakh View Post
    Not sure what made you post this but I'm quite confident that in the end we all agree on what you said.
    I'll keep naming mistakes as I see them in these boards and IMO it's way better to have some (constructive) criticism than to be one huge hugbox where nobody ever dares to say anything negative.
    That doesn't mean that I don't love the game though. I'll be negative at times here but I always did and always will white knight Hex anywhere else, actively promoting the game the best I possibly can for the same reason I criticise it here: It's the game I want to play for the rest of my live and I want it to be the best it can.

    if something is not allright - people complain
    if things are allright - most people do nothing and just play the game

    thats unfortunate, but you have to keep it in mind, especially when you have a product and you cater to thousands of people.
    if people complain about a hand full of things, it also means they are perfectly fine with almost everything else.
    IMHO (constructive) criticism is always more helpful then mindless worship.
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    The best I can do for the game is constructive criticism and NOT writing a Steam review when it will be available.

    I really hope that with Set 4 and AZ2 things will improve, but for that the developers should increase their efforts, both on develpoment and on the bug-bashing side. Steam release is a good opportunity, and I hope they can use it for the game's benefit.

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    I was in this for the long haul from the moment I read about this game in the KS campaign. In fact, I am in this for life. HEX is not just a game for me anymore, but a hobby. I play other games as games, but I always return to HEX. I don't even need to actually play the game to enjoy it anymore. I am equally happy at staring at my spreadsheets and coming up with deck ideas. This is also the only forum I have ever been an active member of. That includes everything, not just gaming. I will try to limit my posts, and especially criticism, for when I actually have something worthwhile to say, but I will still offer constructive criticism on topics I feel strongly about. Not because I want to hurt HEX, but because I love it so much and I need it to be the best it can be. All the while I will wheelbarrow money into HEX, because I don't mind spending money on my hobbies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eierdotter View Post
    if something is not allright - people complain
    if things are allright - most people do nothing and just play the game
    Fortunately Data Dragon knows when you are playing the game.
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    To be fair, a lot of the people who complain about things or fight to get things noticed / changed do so because of how much they love the game. They fight for what they want because they actually care what happens. That being said, there is definitely too much negativity with no constructive value going on as well, from certain people anyway.

    People always have a right to their opinion and to state that opinion in the manner of their choosing, of course. But if you have nothing of value to add and are basically just bitching, you're only making things worse.

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    Thanks for all the great replays guys! I completely agree with everything said.

    I certainly do my fair share of criticizing and complaining, only because I love the game and want it to succeed so bad. I think that is where pretty much everyone is coming from.

    Sometimes, just for myself, I need to hit the reset button, remind myself and the people at HXE that were all in this together and regardless the circumstances, we will do our best to make the game a success when the chips are down... And this steam+set 4 launch window is probably the most "all-in" we've been to this point.
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    Someone said there would be chips? What flavors and are there any dips? Or are the chips also coming out with the Steam/Set 4 launch?

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