Huh... these are new archetypes? It's weird to me because these are pretty much the staple decks for campaign currently.

Blood + Wild: Crypt Interaction
- Pretty much every Shin'hare deck that isn't going mono color has these two interacting with each other in a crypt-focused sacrifice deck of some sort. Minion of Yazukan makes even more havok on the battlefield after he's been buffed with Crush, Lethal, and given Pheromones.

Diamond + Wild: Life gain
- Less common than monodiamond lifegain or Diamond/Blood lifegain but suitable as the Coyotle version of such a deck. Only thing missing is the Sapphire splash.

Ruby + Blood: Damage matters
- All the Orcs. All of them. Big bad blood orcs amplified by ruby speed.

Sapphire + Ruby: Gobblers/Actions matter
- Dwarves for Days, one of my favorite archetypes for campaign and works exceptionally well at blending these two shards together.

Sapphire + Diamond: Flight
- Human Inspire and defensive builds work in campaign at least. Fly over the enemy and Steadfast for defense.

Shardless: 5-threshold effects/fixing
- The One True New archetype since Necrotics weren't doing it well enough solo.

Kind of surprised these are new since we have all this experience now building decks out of these combos just from playing Campaign.