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Thread: Track your drafting stats (win percentages / plat gained / ...)

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    Quick note: when you go 3-0 it should say you won 5 packs, but looking at my personal stats page it says i only got 4 packs. Other than that great work, and im really looking forward to additional features that could be implemented one day.

    Here are just a few ideas, i would like to see eventually (if the API allows it):

    - Record for every draft the shard combination you are playing (i guess this is only really possible once save deck message works for drafts)

    - Record for every draft the champion you are playing (maybe this is possible even without the save deck message, by looking at the game starts message)

    - Record for every game the opposing champion

    - With that information you could make really nice tables, like showing win rates for different shard combos/ champions you played

    - Similiarly you could show this information on an aggregated level on the general stats page
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    Thank you very much for the feedback!

    I've updated the site. You now should get 5 Packs for a Draft win. Interesting no one else noticed this before and I myself went on an epic loosing streak since recording stats. So please let me all win my next drafts, so I can test the bugfix extensively

    I'd love to implement all your suggested changes. I am currently looking at the GameStarted message. It contains a list of the champions. I guess, the players champion is always the first one, but i am not sure about this. It also looks to me, that it should contain the player names and not the champions. The missing playernames makes it a little bit harder to match the message to the specific matchup. Sure you can do the matching based on the order the messages are received. This can result in problems when something went wrong. This is probably fine in most cases, but in general it doesnt seem like a very reliable method. But having these stats available probably outweight the small chance that this doesnt work all the time. (and it probably will most of the time)

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