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Thread: F10 Prior to Terrorantula Egg draw Locks Game

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    F10 Prior to Terrorantula Egg draw Locks Game

    Edit: I repro-ed this 5 times in a row, then hours later failed to repro it 5-times in a row. Then just after I editted this to declare it magically fixed, I hit it again against Construct Foreman (though the original instances were against different bosses). So there is a nuance to this I'm still nailing down.

    Display Name: Bunraku

    Bug Description:
    If F10 is pressed on opponent's turn before/during their draw, and they draw a Terrorantula Egg; the match will lock up after Terrorantula's kill target selection. You are allowed to select a target, but then the priority button disappears and the matched will be locked requiring reload (passing priority and F8,F10, etc do nothing). Once reloaded, game proceeds correctly.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Encountered in Frost Ring Arena, all fights.
    Load up your opponent with Terrorantula Eggs and hit F10 at the immediate start of the AI's turn until they encounter an Egg (with a valid kill target onboard). Note the lockup after selecting the Terrorantula kill target.

    //100% Repro in Frost Ring Arena each time conditions are met
    //Edit: 0% Repro
    Edit edit: 50% repro, unpredictable

    Additional Information:
    Eggs were added with Phenteo's Gift(s) (with double equipment) in a standard Phenteo/Nazhk Lookout mill deck. F10 pressed during target selection does not produce the lockup.
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    happened with me too

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    OK, I'm starting to think this only happens when there are Phenteo's Gift(s) in your crypt that are about to be returned via their gear. The lockup occurs right after kill target selection exactly at the point where the Phenteo's Gifts would return to your hand, but they don't.
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