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Thread: Dwarven Third Eye (old school, cheap arena farming deck)

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    Dwarven Third Eye (old school, cheap arena farming deck)

    This is a deck I was playing last night that I found to be really fun and effective. It's an old deck type but I haven't seen one posted in awhile or one quite like this. It's a Dwarf construction plans deck that can handle any challenge, can perfect the arena, and is pretty cheap to make (about $12).

    One Eye Open

    Diamond Shard x7
    Sapphire Shard x12
    Shard of Purpose x4

    Adaptatron x4 (Chest)
    VB1311 x1
    Research Librarian x2
    Construct Guild Underboss x4 (Gloves & Feet)
    Ingenious Engineer x4 (Trinket)
    Tireless Researcher x4
    Droo's Colossal Walker x1
    Eurig the Robomancer x1

    Arcane Focus x4
    Smoke Signals x2
    Construction Plans: Crank Rocket x1
    Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine x4 (Weapon)
    Construction Plans: War Hulk x4 (Head)
    Construction Plans: Tower Hulk x1

    Obviously this deck is about completing Construction Plans quickly. With all of the ready tech in this deck (Ingenious Engineer, One Eye Open, Smoke Signals) it's easy to complete Plans very fast. The deck has excellent draw with the Tireless Researchers (who will ready multiple times a turn usually) and the Librarians which can be used multiple times a turn if the Ingenious Engineer is out.

    Construct Guild Underboss is an actual Boss in this deck with his potential to make new plans, reduce the cost of all of your plans, and, most importantly, ready all of your plans when they complete and give you a charge which allows you to use One Eye Open more often.

    A very common early play is a second turn War Hulk plans (which creates a Worker Bot), then use the Worker Bot to put a counter on the Plans. Third turn play an Ingenious Engineer and put four more counters on the plan (because the Engineer will ready them both the first time they exhaust), completing it. Then you can use One Eye Open to ready them all if needed for blocking, or attack with the War Hulk if you don't.

    The deck has several win cons. Often it's just board overwhelm with your War Hulks and whatnot, but common finishers are also the Tower Hulk (whom you can make gigantic very, very easily), Adaptatron, Droo's Colossal Walker, or RNG spam with the Ingenuity Engines (hello Murdertron). Cards like Eurig and Crank Rocket are in there as back up utility, and are rarely a key card for your strategy, but they're handy.

    I had no trouble with any of the AI opponents and the deck has the ability to mount a come back if the AI gets a jump on you. Just use your cards smartly, and make sure you think about the best way to maximize your draw from the Researchers and Librarians.

    Let me know if you have suggestions for improvement, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koz View Post
    Shard of Innovation x4
    Did you mean Shard of Purpose?

    As for trying the deck... You had me at "Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine x4" It's proving to be a lot of fun in the arena. Not the fastest deck by any measure, but a lot of fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venris View Post
    Did you mean Shard of Purpose?

    As for trying the deck... You had me at "Construction Plans: Ingenuity Engine x4" It's proving to be a lot of fun in the arena. Not the fastest deck by any measure, but a lot of fun.
    Yep, I sure did mean Shard of Purpose! Fixed in the OP, thanks for the catch!

    And yeah, this is not a speed clear deck by any means, but it's fun and I was surprised at how well it handled every situation well. I've considered fitting in a Reprocessor just to transform the worthless things the Ingenuity Engines make into something good, but I haven't tried it yet.

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    Piranha Swarm is better at the Boot Slot and is pretty well Auto-Include /w worker bots
    Dream Eagle or Morphology or Slaughtergear Guardian are better at the Glove Slot

    Obviously if you went Guardian you'd be back to Mono Sapphire
    Either way dropping Underboss & Ingenious Engineer should stabilize the deck more

    If you are still down cards from 60 put in Counter Magic or Pterobot

    Edits: Volcannon seems to be more efficient finisher than Droo's
    Edits: Deck has an insanely high win rate, but is at medium speed

    Edits: Deck List here for easier viewing. . . ($10)!/deck=64867
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    Appreciate the feedback, but your suggestions are pretty much a completely different deck. The Ingenious Engineers and the Underboss's are the whole focus of the deck, so taking them out seems to miss the goal of what I was trying to do.

    Re Volcannon...yeah, I was waiting for someone to point that out It was an intentional omission believe it or not. The reason why is that I've already played a Volcannon deck that was similar to this awhile back and I didn't feel like rehashing the same theme I'd already done. But yeah...Volcannon is crazy powerful in conjunction with Ingenious Engineers and One Eye Open. I should dig up my old Volcannon deck and post that as a variant in the OP just so it's obvious why it's not in the deck.

    Again, thanks for the suggestions, and I'll give your deck a whirl to see how it plays. It looks good, it's just different that what I was going for, which is a Construction Plans deck that completes the plans very quickly and also has lots of exhaust/ready synergies.

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