First of all to the Hex team, congratulations on the campaign and all the work you've put to it as well as to future sets cards etc.

I will list some bugs I found while playing Frost Ring Arena:

  1. Most of the Arena Master's challenges that give a cards to the opponent don't get executed. Meaning that the cards dont get played. One exception I found was shrine of prosperity.
  2. The Arena Brawler reward from complete a challenge won't be added to your field.
  3. It didn't give any rewards except for gold. The what would be the rewards instead show up as chest icons. I checked my collection and there was no card nor equip with the "new" visual on it.
  4. Not sure if a bug, but the Angel encounter (don't remember the name) played Living Totem then for the next rounds he kept giving it the lifedrain buff over and over until he had no more mana to do so.

That's all I encountered in my F.R.A. adventures.

Thanks in advance