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Thread: The Forums are Dead. Long Live the Forums!

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    forums in gameforge?
    bah.. that lame.. =/
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    That's a fair point i guess. Dunno how accurate it is. There are some very inspired posts i've seen brushed aside because they were people with low post counts. I think it cuts both directions, but it could be useful to have people that are immediately identifiable as been around the block a few times for new players...
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    and i was so close to my 5k posts for challenging a dev... *cough*
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    Does that mean we lose our usernames?

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    Good by forums. I never knew you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saeijou View Post
    and i was so close to my 5k posts for challenging a dev... *cough*
    Pfft, you think thats bad? I wasted all my milestones by not using them.

    P.S. @Gwaer - I have been of the same mind lately for quality over quantity. It will sting to not be top dog in the postcount though, as I stand to lose the most of all of us.

    I never even got a title for hitting 10k, such a waste haha.
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    Well they can't take my reddit title away from me :P

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    Instead of the old, slightly unwieldy dropdown sections, you can simply choose which language you wish to see and the forum will display the appropriate content. Easy as that!
    Will it be possible to see the content of 2 languages together?
    My native language is German, but as it's more likely to get a broader discussion in the english forums I would like to read these too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossuary View Post
    TBH it's not even really the post count that bothers me. What I'm more concerned about is that if everyone starts at zero at the same time as we have a huge influx of new players, things could get really nasty around here. The forums have always had a certain amount of "voice of experience" from a smallish group of us, and it would be a shame to see that go away. And just handing out a "beta" badge to every single person who had an active account prior to the switchover doesn't really solve that, either. It's something that ought to be considered.
    This. I really don't like that all my work here is essentially being erased and/or made anonymous. Heck, my IGN doesn't even match my CZE forum name.

    I'm also not a fan of the SSO for this application. SSO is nice for a corporate intranet, not so much for a public forum over the web.

    Why go to all this trouble when you're headed to Steam anyway? Just use the Steam forums? Since you're wiping our memory anyway, why merge 3 down to 2 instead of 3 down to 1?

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