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Thread: RIP Forums Giveaway

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    Since I live mostly on the Bug Report subforum, I'm going to post one of my favorite reports:

    Quote Originally Posted by Showsni View Post
    Firstly, Army of Myth is failing to spawn PvE uniques in PvE Proving Grounds matches against the computer (similar to the bug I posted before about Heart of the Wrathwood not making PvE Plants in Proving Grounds matches against the computer).

    Pretty sure, anyway; I did an Army for 315 and none spawned.

    Also, there might be some other unique cards Army isn't making, or it might just have been RNG; note my Army for 315 didn't make a single Jadiim, Lord Adam or Reginald for instance, despite making up to 8 copies of other things. That could just be RNG, I'll have to test more.

    Are there any other uniques you can see missing from this picture?

    Edit: Did another AoM, for 400 this time, and once again no Jadiim, Reginald or Lord Adam:

    Beginning to look like a bug! Can anyone spot any other uniques missing from both screenshots?
    Being in Quality Assurance, I can't help but appreciate the mindset that resulted in this report. There is very little reason to play a triple-digit Army of Myth other than to answer the question "I wonder what would happen?" I love it when someone does something crazy just to see what the game does, and I love it even more when they're paying enough attention to notice something small that's going wrong in the resulting chaos, and then even more when they choose to do it all again just to investigate it further.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    All you have to do is quote a favorite post from the past 3 years in this thread. I'll choose 10 to award 5 Set 4 packs to. One entry per person.

    Let's see them...
    (Does sucking up count? It's pretty hard to pick just one quote.)

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    *not a contest entry*

    Figured I'd point people to the best thread ever

    Was fun and even managed to lure me out of forum lurker status to make a post. Now to return to my creepy watching you all.

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    Took me a little while to find, but my favorite post was one that Chris Woods made in the forums about the delay of Set 3 and explaining what had happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Woods View Post
    Aw, there's something behind me, isn't there? was the first thing what went through my head when I locked the branch for shipping last week. We'd heard a smattering of reports about memory problems, but we couldn't see it internally, and we couldn't show it was happening en masse.

    Then an email showed up later Friday, and it was pretty clear we had a major problem. So, I wanted to hop in here and try to explain this whole memory leak thing, and why it was such a big deal -- both to solve as well as to try to figure out.

    It all really boils down to how Unity is inherently designed. Unity's core philosophy of what a game "is" can be described easiest as "like Doom". Essentially, a game is a series of unique levels that a player progress through, and Unity's asset system only wants to have things available for the current "level". Once you beat E1M1, Unity unloads that level and loads E1M2. Then you're thrust back into shooting Imps and looking for the BFG.

    In TCGs this makes a whole lot less sense. The closest to "levels" we have is different screens. You go to Deck Editor, or Tournaments, or a game. So, we have built into our system that those are "levels".

    With that, comes level assets. These are the geometry, textures, sounds, and other rendering bits associated with a level. Once you "leave" a level, you unload that levels assets. Then you load the assets for the new level you're entering, and presto. Since "levels" are "screens" to us, what's happening on the client looks like this:

    +-------[Exit Screen]-------+-------[Load Screen]-------+
    +---[Unload Assets]---+ . . +---[Load Assets]---+

    Normally exiting a screen and unloading it's assets are coupled, but at some point in development we decoupled unloading and loading screens from unloading and loading screen assets. The only requirement for the destination screen was "all the assets are ready before you start rendering".

    So what's a "screen asset" (level asset)? Well, basically everything that has to do with rendering cards is in those screen assets. So, that's all of the art ever.

    This wasn't really a "problem", per say, except it was really inefficient. Swapping from the Deck Editor to the General Lobby would be very expensive, but it wasn't a "problem".

    Well, it was't until that [Unload Assets] bar was longer then that [Exit Screen] bar.

    This has actually probably already been a problem for some users with machines slower then the ones we have access to for testing and development, but it just never showed up on our radar. It wasn't until Set 3 and Extended Art made the asset size large enough that we started to see it.

    When [Unload Assets] takes longer then [Exit Screen], Mr. [Load Assets] gets into the mix, and believe me, Mrs. [Unload Assets] and Mr. [Load Assets] are not on speaking terms. If the two of them are going at the same time, and we're trying to unload Set 1 while we are also trying to load set 1, it gets crazy.

    What ends up happening is [Load Assets] tells [Unload Assets] "Hey, could you, um, stop deleting those cards? Because I'm going to need them." [Unload Assets] does this, but in the most passive-aggressive way possible. It just literally stops. Mid job. Then [Load Assets] has a partial library floating around, and he can't use that. So he loads a new copy.

    Nobody ever unloads that partial copy that's left over, though.

    So, the guts of the bug are actually pretty simple: If you switch screens and the new screen loads faster then the assets of the old screen take to unload, you end up wasting memory with a partial set of assets the previous screen used.

    Every time you switch screens.

    Every. Stupid. Time.

    Once this was identified, the solution was really, really easy:
    - Figure out what assets the leaving screen has the new screen also wants
    - Remove those from what [Unload Assets] is going to unload
    - Do everything else normally.

    The results of finding and fixing this bug have been enormous, actually. Deck Editor is significantly faster now, screen swapping is much smoother, and any time we "flip" a card (eg, pack opening) doesn't really require the asset to be found at the last minute. It's made things a whole lot cleaner.

    All because Mr. [Load Assets] and Mrs. [Unload Assets] had a little spat over who was putting away the dishes. Honestly, with that much tension in the relationship, I'm shocked Mrs. [Unload Assets] kept Mr. [Load Assets] last name.

    Almost home.

    Chris Woods

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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    All you have to do is quote a favorite post from the past 3 years in this thread. I'll choose 10 to award 5 Set 4 packs to. One entry per person.

    Let's see them...
    This is the best post in the last three years
    I'll sleep when I'm dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sullyman View Post
    This is the best post in the last three years
    Shoot, someone beat me to this lol
    I'll sleep when I'm dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by facade View Post
    Took me a little while to find, but my favorite post was one that Chris Woods made in the forums about the delay of Set 3 and explaining what had happened.
    Argh, you beat me to it!

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    Was gonna go with the Chris Wood's AoM delay entry (see above), but here's my next favourite, the brilliant "Paint a card" competition post from Phenteo. Hilarity ensued.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    Thanks to Xexist for inspiring this forum contest...


    1. Draw an existing card in Paint (or equivalent program) [Max one entry per user]
    2. Upload Image to
    3. Post a link to picture here.
    4. ???...
    5. Profit!

    Winner is decided by me on Friday, winner will get a special forum title, "I am drawer".

    Here's an example of one I did!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flyleaf View Post
    Another Zophie post.. but this was just perfect.
    This one really was the best post yet. Even if it isn't it has got to be one of zophie's posts that takes the cake. This had me busting up laughing for a good couple days.
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    It was a year yesterday. Love her forever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadatog View Post
    Not trying to bring this thread down but I didn't want to post this anywhere on it's own.

    Some of you may know from chatting in some streams that my daughter had an incurable genetic illness. Her condition finally worsened in the last few weeks and she passed on the 14th and we had her funeral on the 20th. It's been a long 4 years, but our family is finally moving on from the paralysis that was an incurable genetic disease. Here was her obituary.

    Olivia Mae Menard was granted her angel wings on April 14th 2015, following a lifelong illness. Her final days were spent surrounded by family and friends that Livi had touched in some small way throughout her short, yet very memorable life. She passed away in her Mommy and Daddy's arms.

    Livi's life would seem too short to many but those who knew her understood the quality of her existence far exceeded the quality of time in witch she lived. Her smile brought joy to everyone who saw it and, although she never spoke, her love and happiness could always be heard.

    Although Livi's illness left her with many physical and developmental challenges, the strength and courage she possessed gave her an ability to overcome incredible odds. Livi brought happiness to every situation. She loved to rock in her chair, listen to her music box, and most of all, she loved her family. We will miss Livi everyday, but will try our best to remember her greatest lesson: enjoy everyday to the fullest and focus on what's important. Throughout her four years, we were able to create wonderful memories and it has been a privilege to be her parents. Livi is survived by her loving parents, Chad and Jen Menard; paternal grandparents Richard and Carolyn Menard; maternal grandparents Jeffery and Suzanne Smith. She is also survived by her paternal great-grandmother Barbara Fairburn; her maternal great-grandfather Lester Hubbard; and many Aunts, Uncles, and cousins who loved her dearly.

    In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the GFPD in honor of Olivia.

    The Global Foundation for Peroxisomal Disorders
    5147 S. Harvard Avenue, Suite 181
    Tulsa, OK 74138

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    Here's to the continuing crusade to get her immortalized in some Hex card art.
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