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Thread: RIP Forums Giveaway

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    Quote Originally Posted by theladymeows View Post
    I'm new to Hex and I was looking through the cards, and I would like more cats.
    Feedback in it's most honest form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    I agree ducklett, i'm still trying to work out a way to really get some support up for rewarding people for putting their time into that particular project. It's definitely the community at its best.
    I think its very easy to take that kind of stuff for granted, I mean I know I do. I think that the work being done just goes to show how great this community is. There is giving people some commons and helping the new guy (Which is great), but the people taking the time out of their busy lives to transcribe videos so that everyone can enjoy them is just amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OutlandishMatt View Post
    Four podcasters, coming together to make the greatest Hex podcast the internet will ever hear—that's what Threshold: The Hex Podcast ( is about.

    To cover all aspects of Hex. News, community, and strategies for PvE (single player and raid progression) and PvP (tournaments, decks to beat, hot cards, and combos).

    Josh Augustine: Former senior editor at PC Gamer magazine and current game developer on EverQuest at Sony Online Entertainment. Host of several podcasts, including The Happy Hearthstone and WoW Pet Battle Crew, which can be found at Wrote the article featured on PCGamesN, Hex Preview: a brilliant new collectible card game MMO.

    Jeff Wycoff: Host and co-founder of Low Elo podcast (, the number one League of Legends podcast.

    Matt (BBQ Tolkien): Host of Outlandish Podcast (, a podcast originally centered on World of Warcraft that's turned to random talk about video games and other things.

    Erik Belsaas: Former editorial intern at PC Gamer magazine and contributor to the PC Gamer podcast ( Produces the PC Gamer podcast and Threshold.

    Future topics of discussion
    Champions vs. Mercenaries
    Authenticators and multi-factor authentication
    VIP Program
    Special events in Hex, such as set pre-releases and releases
    Auction House
    Account Transfers
    Treasure Chests
    Boosters and decks going OOP (Out of Print)

    Give us a listen and tell us about any topics you'd like us to discuss. You can check us out at for weekly podcasts, articles, and blog entries.

    Update: You can now subscribe to us on iTunes! Huzzah! We look forward to your 5 star ratings.

    On July 16, 2013 something special was created and it's been quite the journey ever since.
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    Set 4 card spoiler! Zomg! Power Creep?
    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    Ah, well it is that time again, My Gardallo's have created a new buffalegg, while it is incubating I feel that it is my duty to introduce to you one of the many buffalo of my flock.

    Hubertus von buffalo the 17th Lord of the land of Trottinghamshire autocrat of denandsor, heart of the realm. This is not actually a picture of Hubertus, he is a very paranoid buffalo with many decoys strategically placed to keep him from being assassinated. This plan has likely failed numerous times as he has been Lord of the land of Trottinghamshire for 17,000 years. Making him the second longest lived buffalo of all time, or more likely replaced by decoys on many occasions.

    The title of that one force me to read it

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    This EAP parody right here:
    Quote Originally Posted by Zantetsuken View Post
    "The Dragon"

    Once upon an arena venture, while I sought a card craze quencher,
    With rounds of countless tedious games that seemed to be in store,
    I so happened to spot a glint, a faint of gold which had me squint,
    Eyes a wide I read the print that fortune dictates my screen bore.
    With disbelief I stood astounded and read thrice the word it bore.
    Uruunaz, and nothing more.

    Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
    "Finally!" the shout was made whilst my heart again did soar,
    "Foul beast, elude me no further, swiftly I shall grant you murder!"
    Echoing on every girder my words resembled a dragon's roar.
    That fell and foul beast parts its maw, brace I did for its roar.
    A silent grin and nothing more.

    Long and grim the battle raged, as terrifying as I had gauged,
    Victory fleeting as I engaged the shadowy form above the floor.
    But the dark one gave no quarter, and my deck was getting shorter,
    Last I drew my best supporter praising Kismet that she may adore,
    Blessed goddess whose favor granted only to ones she does adore.
    'Kill' he played and nothing more.

    Startled at my triumph broken by such an oft played blood deck token,
    Flabbergasted I was moaning at the loss that shook me to my core.
    I had but just drawn my caster, yet his response was ready faster,
    This had been a complete Disaster unlike any I had seen before.
    My success had fast departed just as many other times before.
    My screen, 'Defeat', and nothing more.

    "Uruunaz, you thing of evil! Dragon are you but I call thee devil!
    Truly Hell has sent thee to torment me for partaking in this chore!
    Tell this soul who's braved the miles, if still within his future trials,
    Spared of your deceitful guiles but one small query I do implore!
    Whilst we meet again once more? This alone I desperately implore!"
    Quoth the dragon - "Nevermore."

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    An early appreciation of the community from Cory
    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    Best community in gaming

    And in the Drunk/High Ben thread from the end of the Kickstarter the first insight of Cory's brilliant sense of humour
    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    Lets leave Bens "Weapon Slot" out of this
    Buying Gold 120 gold per platinum details Here


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    My first Chark gif:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zophie View Post

    Bonus: All of my Chark Gifs

    Bonus Videos: Living the Dream / Chark Eastwood

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    My personal favorite post that brought me back to the forums for a bit (Much like this thread is too)

    I'm on to you Loregoyle

    Quote Originally Posted by AswanJaguar View Post
    First you craft the named Necrotic characters with palindromes (Nin, Gozzog, Lixil, Dimmid) and now I finally put the pieces together to see what you're using for the named dragons in the game (Jadiim, Uruunaz, Zakiir, Zeedu).

    What other literary easter eggs await us in future sets?
    I've always been suspect of Loregoyle as a blood operative in Diamond. Now I watch every card for sneaky naming schemes and easter eggs.

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    My favourite from FlyingMeatchip ( )

    A Oath to Hex

    Just a Hex version of the Rifleman's Creed:

    Hex Rifleman’s Creed
    This is my HexTCG. There are many like it but this one is mine.

    My Wild Root Dancer is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

    My Succulent Roostasaur, without bunnies, is useless. Without my Mancubus, I am useless. I must fire my One-Shots true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must Burn him before he Persecutes me. I will…

    The Mushwocky and I know that what counts in this war are not the Heat Waves we fire, the noise of our Charge, nor the Incantations we make. We know that it is the hit that counts. We will hit..

    My Righteous Paladin is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its shield and its hammer. I will keep my Thunderbird clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…

    Before Cory, I swear this creed. My fellow Kickstarters and I are defenders of this Community. We are masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

    So be it, until victory is HexTCG’s and there is no Magic the Gathering.

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