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Thread: RIP Forums Giveaway

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    RIP Forums Giveaway

    All you have to do is quote a favorite post from the past 3 years in this thread. I'll choose 10 to award 5 Set 4 packs to. One entry per person.

    Let's see them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by vickrpg View Post
    It's not about speed, and not about pace,
    You don't have to read verse as if it were a race.

    This thing called meter(metre), or a syllable count
    that regulates rhythm, length, or ammount

    a caesurae, stop can be short or be long,
    you can choose whichever, neither one is wrong.

    but it's common practice in rap or in poem,
    to keep them consistent so people will know 'em.

    Rappers do this by heart, they need no analysis,
    but for lots of people this can causes paralysis.

    Inconsistancy is bad, as it breaks you out
    It makes it hard to tell what you're rythm's about

    If you start 5,5, 7, you should and that way too,
    If then end with 13, well that just ain't coo'

    If there's music, background, base and a beat,
    you can break these rules, and it won't cause defeat

    but when you write things down, please keep it the same
    Or I'll bust out my lessons, and these are kinda lame.

    'cause it's all about the rythm and all about the flow, you can be like certain rappers and just let everything go, but if you analyze their rythm you'll find out and you'll know, that every single syllable is metered and thorough.

    Give it a chance.

    PS: Didn't mean to be harsh, you're really not "crap" but it was the only word that I could rhyme with rap.

    Yours were so-so, I mean, they could be better
    but you don't have to follow my rules to the letter.

    But in just one thing I definitely agree,
    I want blue wheel sleeves. but also baby yeti.
    From the blue wheel sleeves thread. Some actual fire in that thread.
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    Not sure if this will count, but I loved that blind paint contest where you had to draw someone blindly in MS paint! It was crazy fun and I had a lot of laughs over the entries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    Starting today and running through tomorrow Saturday, December 19 at 2PM Pacific (Worldclock) we're running a small closed-eyes paint contest.

    One entry per person per account. No purchase necessary. Prizes are:

    1st Place: Five (5) Armies of Myth Booster Pack Codes
    2nd Place: Three (3) Armies of Myth Booster Pack Codes
    3rd Place: Two (2) Armies of Myth Booster Pack Codes

    All participants receive one (1) Armies of Myth Booster Pack Code

    The codes will be PM'd to the winners after 2PM Pacific tomorrow.

    To enter:
    Step 1. Open Paint
    Step 2. Close your eyes (NO CHEATING) and try to draw one of the following: Princess Cory, Chark, or Phenteo
    Step 3. Post what you tried to draw!
    Step 4. ...
    Step 5. Profit!

    UPDATE: Contest is over and here are your winners! Prizes will be PM'd throughout today.

    Winners are!

    1st Place: Deathlock
    2nd Place: Laggi
    3rd Place: Flairina

    Honorable Mentions: Stuie, HitoZ, Tinfoil, boubouleana, and Zyff

    All participants will get one booster pack code for Armies of Myth!

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    I don't want to be selfish by any means...but man, that piece of art...

    Quote Originally Posted by Deathlock View Post
    I can't stop laughing xD
    Attachment 4043
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    thos post single handedly stopped more Yeti cards from being printed.

    Quote Originally Posted by N3rd4Christ View Post

    My in-game name is NERD (formerly NerdForChrist). My background with TCG’s began when I was in middle school and a game called Pokémon. Since then I have played Yu-Gi-Oh, WoW TCG, MTG, Vs System, Shadow Era and many others I can’t think of right now. I have been playing HEX since sometime around May of this year and can say I truly have enjoyed most of my time on this game.

    There is one concern that I would like to address. I believe that if left unchecked this could ruin the game’s future. The concern I have is with one card… Baby Yeti.

    At a glance it seems like an innocent card with little potential. After all it’s a mere 1/1 troop with a cost of 1 and a single ruby threshold. If you were like me when I began then you say oh NERD you are being silly. I would have agreed with you 3 months ago… That was until I started seeing this card being used over and over against me. Countless times I have fallen prey to this monstrosity. It’s simply overpowered.

    I often wondered why this card was left untouched in most drafts and was passed on and often left as last pick of the pack. I assumed it was a bad card. But I now know that it is due to the fact that other players want to have a fair match. Using this card against your opponent basically guarantees you will win. So to those of you who pass this card on until you are forced to take it thank you. To those of you who are abusing the raw power of this card I say shame on you!

    People who claim the Sun to be OP have certainly never been staring at a Baby Yeti Across the field.

    What I propose to correct this design flaw is as follows:
    1. New Keyword Slow: This troop can’t attack or block the entire game (After review this change would still make the card overpowered, proceed to option two).
    2. Prevent it from being added to decks whether it’s constructed or limited. Simply make it unplayable. (Its existence would still impact the game… please proceed to option three).
    3. Remove the card from future pack pulls, people’s collections, and delete any digital trace of this card’s existence. This is the only solution!

    I would like an official response from CZE as to how they plan to run a successful TCG when this card determines games before they even start. We might as well change the name of this game to HEX: Baby Yeti!

    I hope this madness can come to an end so people can enjoy the game and no longer fall victims to Baby Yeti!
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    I need to find the "fake update" made by (if memory serve me well) Counter.. That one was really fun, I think it was before set 3 release.. It even started with a "HELLO HEXERS " XD

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    Zophie's entry for the song contest was amazing. If you didn't catch it the first time, go back and watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zophie View Post
    Or really, any of the times Zophie photoshopped Chark into a gif, but this one was my favorite.

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    Has to be this inconspicuous post, I have played card games for decades and never saw this question in a card game related forum! Diablo FTW.

    Quote Originally Posted by Defco View Post
    Hello all, i have been searching for an answer for this question some time now and maybe you can help me?

    In PvE when you are going trough a dungeon and fighting the bosses (or other mobs on the way), will there be cards and/or loot dropped that is bound to your account or will you be able to perches at the cards in the auction house.

    My opinion is that if you can buy the best boss drops then there will be a way to buy your progress instead of grinding/playing the game like a real MMORPG. There will be sort of ''pay-to-win'' like there is in other TCG och PvP!

    Hope someone have some feedback on this
    Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zophie View Post
    How's this for visual effects:

    Another Zophie post.. but this was just perfect.

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