Here's a W/D Coyotle Arena Deck I put together. It's been pretty fast and enjoyable.

Champion: Dimmid

4x Adamanthian Scrivener
4x Howling Brave
4x Stargazer
4x Whispering Breeze [head]
4x Ardent Recruiter [chest]
4x Prophet of the Sun [trinket]
4x Ethereal Healer [boots]

4x Wild Growth [weapon]
4x Oakhenge Ceremony
4x Dance of Dusk [gloves]

8x Diamond
8x Wild
4x Howling Plains Bluegrass

The deck is easily capable of playing Dance of Dusk on turn 3 and winning. Here's a couple of pictures to that effect; these are two back-to-back Arena matches:

Dance of Dusk.jpgDance of Dusk 2.jpg

each ready to swing in on turn 3, each with a Howling Brave with 30+ attack. The only problem with this deck is that it can threshold screw you once or twice per run. I don't mind when this happens, however, since it doesn't affect your gold per minute earnings (it may actually increase them).

Try it out!