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Thread: PVE Card ONLY Deck Building Challenge

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    PVE Card ONLY Deck Building Challenge

    As I thought about how I haven't really done much with all those new Kickstarter cards that were recently added to our accounts, I decided it would be interesting to try to build a deck using ONLY PVE cards (and basic shards). I'll post my attempt soon. If you're interested in playing along, feel free to post the deck you came up with and let us know how it performs. I'm mostly interested in Arena, but if you'd rather try it in campaign, feel free.

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    but... why? :P
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    Because Primal Dawn won't be out for another 10 days! Why not?

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    OK, here's what I've come up with so far

    Champion: Wyatt the Sapper

    4x Raving Ghoul
    4x Blight Steed (Steed Whip)
    3x Death Cap (Fungal Bloom)
    2x Stalker of Marbaras
    2x Darad, the Scourgeblade
    2x Piranha Swarm(Swarm Strapped Steppers)
    3x Voracious Vultures
    3x Saarthu

    2x Contract Killing
    2x Ninja Training (Ninja Shroud)
    4x Morphology (Mighty Morphing Glove)
    4x Rotting Away (Brittle Bone Guard)

    14x Blood Shard
    11x Sapphire Shard

    I decided to go for Blood/Sapphire and focus on card advantage. Early game uses Morphology, Contract Killing, Ninja Training, and repeated Rotting Aways to knock away early threats. Stalker, Morphology, and being able to get Rotting Away back helps to refill my hand. Once I've built up some resources, late game pressure usually comes from Vultures, Saarthu, or a large Blight Steed.

    The deck is somewhat limited by my collection, and I'll probably tweak it some more, but it was enough to get through the Arena on my first try, so I consider that a success. Thresholds are definitely an issue since my limitations exclude any fixing cards, but I was generally able to make up for that with the extra card draw. Overall, it was an interesting exercise and got me to play with some cards that I hadn't made use of before.

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    but... why? :P
    Because we all have numerous arena-crushing decks, and limiting yourself in a particular way can make the arena an actual challenge. For instance, I have Frost Ring decks where the deck limit is "all cards must cost exactly 1", single color decks, single race decks, single class decks, etc. This is just another approach and it does force you to "think outside the box".

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