I have loved this forum had lost of good chats so this is the last bit of short story fiction to say good bye to it. This has been up on Team clockwork site for member so if you want a good guild you know where to go for more

Against the cold stone wall sat the crumpled charred body of the insane goblin who was apparently responsible, not only for the fire raging through the castle but the wandering corpses littering the courtyard. Erin was exhausted, noticing the char on her fingers she cursed “dammed burn spells,” she had been awakened but a few days and zombies, humans along with giant insects had tried to end her; and now her reclaimed hand was all; crispy. “unicornpoop.” She hissed.

Scraping, stumbling “You think you have changed anything?” The left hand of the creature spazmed, moving around in a jittering circular motion, each step was a forced unrefined gilt forward. As the sack of flesh grew closer, steaming rot wove its way through the air filling Erin’s nose and mouth. “Why did you come, to what woe is it of a necrotic; that a human castle and its infestation is being reclaimed into something of greater use? You and your kin gave me the inspiration in the first place!” The words came out crystal clear from a jaw that had been almost entirely dislocated on one side due to rot, only sinew strove to hold it together.

“What greater use is a burning castle, rotting flesh and crazed goblins?” Erin’s voice was tempered, maybe she could get this thing to say too much.

“You will…” The corpse stopped in its tracts as an arrow burst clean through its eye, it slummed forward, hitting the ground with such force the arrow burst through the back of the skull; bone flew outward as rotten ooze boiled out form the wound.

“Goodness, Gareth never mentioned sending a forward scout, you made quite the…” The archer’s soft human eyes met with the glinting gems filling the sockets of the necrotic; “unicornpoop me,” before Erin could react the archer had drawn his bow tight, “wait!” The arrow screeched through the air, the skin on Erin’s chest broke as the metal slid in carving a route through her left lung. Knocked back she stumbled from the force, she threw up her hand, blue light erupted from her finger tips throwing the human hard against the far wall producing a noise like that of a child snapping a brittle twig.

Erin prodded the wound as a yellowy green slim eked out, she yanked the arrow out as the hole spewed forth more of the viscous gunk. She eyed the human slumped against the wall as is chest moved in a rhythmic fashion. Moving closer to him her gaze was caught by the hallway that was now engulfed in flame as she turned to leave out the far exit, Erin paused, and turned back to the human. An age seemed to have past as she realised; shit if I wasn't going to save him I’d have left already, storming back she swung her arm under his and lifted with no small effort the archer up and off the ground. Out the back exit they reached the court yard just as his legs were starting to try and help shuffle him forward, she let him slouch to the ground. unicornpooping pain in the arse these humans. Well that’s just terrific, looking round there were only a dozen or so zombies in the distance moving towards her, beyond them the exit.

Turning she saw the human coming too, squatting she slapped him stiff across the jaw, “wake up, now!”

Blinking his soft eyes filled with fear as he started to his feet, “I will end you necrotic!”

“Always so dramatic; look around, we are both finished if we don’t deal with these charred stumbling retards, if I wanted to kill you if I’d have left you to burn up in that room.” Erin could feel heat rising within her.

Looking around the human saw the charred zombies creeping in on them, and true enough he’d by rights be a well done beef roast by now. “So these things are not your making?”

“No, and if we could focus on destroying these things, that be great.” Erin looked at the puzzlement etched into the man face.

The zombies were but a few shuffles from them now and their backs were hard up against a wall. The human unsheathed his sword and let out what Erin found to be a funny little yelp. “You alright human?”

“Think you busted a few ribs.”

Searching in her satchel Erin revealed a diamond hexing gem, “slip this next to your ribs; for your kind it will stop the pain and heal you faster.”

“Erm, thanks, I guess I will take the six on the left.”

The human lunged at the first zombie, its skin so badly burned the sword cracked the flesh instead of slicing. Ducking a swinging outstretched arm the archer spun hammering down his blade dismembering the arm; responding the zombie lurched back and around flailing its other arm at him, but solid steel met the blow breaking off the other limb, defenceless the zombies head then flew up into the air before bouncing off the ground. The hexing gem had done its work and he felt little pain as he weaved round another separating its leg from it hip, as it fell his to the ground his boot made dust from its head.

Erin used the crackling rot spell on the last moving meat lump, causing such destruction it simply fell apart. “I’m Quinn, of Gawaine.” The human stood breathing heavily, “Were you the Necrotic who saved the group of humans from a hoard of undead a few days past?”

“Yes, that was me; although I’m quickly coming to the impression that you and your people are not worth the effort; I hear that you gladly give your lives for one another yet you will not give a corpse to give agency to my people!” Erin’s gleaming eyes never moved from Quinn’s gaze.

“You desecrate out tombs. Defile out kings!” Quinn near shouted back.

“To give us life, so we can be part of this world, we are different and for that you condemn us, you are racist, hateful and aggressive. As soon as you saw me you attacked, never even tried to communicate.” Passion streamed through the air from the necrotic.

Still breathing heavily Quinn looked at the hole in Erin’s chest, “you are different from what I imagined; thank you, do you have a name?”


“Can that wound be fixed?”

Looking down Erin noted the gunk had stopped flowing, “It will not heal, but I can stich it.”

“I need to head back, I’m not quite sure what to tell my captain.” Quinn eyed the blazing castle, charred bodies that had tried to claw at him moments ago and the necrotic who had saved his life.

“The same as me, lots of corpse moving and attacking controlled by a crazed goblin whose blood now decorates a wall; we never saw one another.”

Quinn nodded, and took the hexing gem from out from his rib, his face grimaced as he did. “Oh keep it, you need it more than me; take care Quinn from Gawaine.”

“This is the strangest day of my life, just know if we should meet again I am duty bound to end you, so don’t hold back, I won’t.” Tucking the gem back near his rib the human wandered out towards the exit.

Erin stood for a moment regarding the human move off, the roof of the castle finally gave way to the flames and she started off herself.