Question #1:
For those of us that own content here that will be transitioned to the new GameForge Forums - How do we edit? Do we need to recreate there completely? Will we be-able to refer back here for a time to log-in and pull from old posts?

Basically to summarize the above:
Should I Create a text file now of the BBcode for a post I want to continue there, now before the forum transition?

Question #2:
How will old grandfathered accounts be handled when associating more than 1 account to our steam account? Can we link more than 1 account to steam, so when in-regards to payments going through GameForge, if we prefer to pay with Steam Wallet, or will that not be possible?

(This might be an easier answer than I thought, but was concerned if there is some sort of limitation to the way steam and gameforge link up with existing accounts)